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Stroke - Symptoms and Prevention

Stroke- Symptoms and Prevention

Modern life is fast, complex and hectic. Health issues are generally neglected in modern days. Stroke attacks suddenly causing either death or fatal physical or psychological loss. With advanced medical science and primary awareness, the nemesis known as “Stroke” can be defeated.

What is a Stroke?

Stroke takes place when the blood supply to brain is reduced or interrupted. It leads to the dearth of oxygen and essential nutrients like glucose, giving a serious blow to the brain. In result, the brain damage and death may occur.

Stroke is of two kinds. A stroke can take place due to the blocked artery known as Ischemic Stroke. The second kind of the stroke named Hemorrhagic Stroke causes when the blood vessel leaks or bursts.

Symptoms of Stroke

Stroke attacks suddenly. But, there are few symptoms through which chances of stroke can be measured. They are:

    • Weakness or numbness of the face, arm, or leg or one side of the body.
    • Loss of vision in one or both eyes.
    • Difficulty in talking or hearing.
    • Severe headache with no known cause.
    • Unstable walking or loss of balance.
    • How to defeat Stroke?

With proper lifestyle chances of defeating the stroke is high. Beside routine health check-ups, immediate contact with doctors during stroke, there are five simple ways to keep stroke at bay. They are:

Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is a massive factor for the stroke. Doctors rate it as the biggest contributor. To avoid the stroke chances one needs to keep a constant eye on the blood pressure and undergo proper treatment when it is elevated.

Obesity: Obesity makes room for the stroke. People with obesity usually fall prey to high blood pressure and diabetes, raising the chances of stroke. With proper diet chart and ample amount of exercises problem can be fixed. Doctors suggest to keep one’s body mass index (BMI) at 25 or less to reduce the risk factors.

Cholesterol: High cholesterol is a major factor for stroke. If the cholesterol level looses parity, medication is needed. It will help in avoiding stroke.

Stress: Stress leads to cardiovascular diseases and makes way for stroke. The hectic schedule and maximum work pressure are the reasons behind the stress. Meditation, exercise and balanced life style will drive away the chances of stress, making one immune before the stroke.

Smoking: Smoking paves way for stroke. Through smoking, nicotine enters into one’s body, raising blood pressure. Except that, carbon monoxide from smoking reduces the amount of oxygen blood can carry. Cigarette smoking also makes the blood thicker. So, in order to stay away from the stroke, say NO to smoking.

Good health is not built in one day. It demands through discipline. In contrary, a sudden stroke can deteriorate health condition within a minute. Therefore, cut the risks from your life to say adieu to stroke.

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