Cardiac Rehabilitation Care

Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehabilitation is the therapy used in the patients who have recently suffered from heart issues or have undergone cardiac procedures. It is a medically-supervised care program that is specially designed for working on healthy lifestyle initiatives.


The Treatment Goals We Follow

Every patient receives a specialized and patient-specific rehabilitation plan. The cardiac rehab program increases the patient’s chances of early & effective recovery and we following by very methodical approach. The patient’s medical condition will be thoroughly evaluated. Our physicians will also ensure that the patient understands the objectives of the treatment and mutually agreed-upon achievable goals are set.

The objective is to help the patient make lifestyle changes that will improve his/her heart health. This reduces the risk of any further heart problems. The individualized plan that our expert multidisciplinary team establishes, helps the patient regain strength, prevents worsening of the condition and reduces the risk of any future heart problems.

Consistent Therapy And Progress Monitoring

With the priority being that the patient return to normal life, our multidisciplinary team works in a concerted and detailed manner to ensure that he/she receives effective treatment & continuity of care. We use a variety of therapies and treatments including skilled nursing care, physio and activity therapy, lifestyle education and support. In addition, the emotional counseling sessions enhance the patient’s confidence and help get back to normal life.

Patient Benefits with Suvitas Cardiac Care

Our specialized cardiac rehabilitation in patients show these benefits:

cardiac rehabilitation

Every therapy and treatment follows a very methodical path and we set very distinct goals that we work towards. The patient and his/her family are also kept actively involved in the entire process and this helps in making the therapy more beneficial for the patient.

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