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Neuro Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation procedure

Neurological rehabilitation is a physician-supervised program that is specifically designed for individuals with trauma, disorders or diseases of the nervous system. It is beneficial in reducing symptoms improving function, adding independence and quality of life in patients with conditions including:

Neurological Rehabilitation

Why Choose HCAH SuVitas?

Focused & Individualized Treatment Plan

Continuum of Care

Additional Therapies

Focused And Individualized Treatment Plan

Every patient receives a tailor-made and specialized rehabilitation plan. The patient’s medical condition will be assessed and our multidisciplinary team will then work closely with the patient and design a patient-specific care plan. Over the course of the treatment we will consistently evaluate & adjust it as per the patient’s progress in order to ensure that he/she is benefited in the best possible way.


Continuum of Care

Our team works in tandem to ensure effective treatment & continuity of care that helps the patient return to normal life. Based on the patient’s individual needs, we use a range of therapies including:

Continuum of Care

Additional Therapies

In addition, we also develop new cognitive & behavioral strategies to compensate for deficits (if any), incorporate stress management programs and emotional support. The patient will also be provided with help for using assistive devices- promoting independence. Our occupational therapy sessions help the patient return to normal work routines and consistent patient education & counseling helps him/her recuperate effectively and quickly.

The neurological rehabilitation services improves function and reduces symptoms as well as improves the well-being of the patient. We work very closely with every patient and focus on educating family members to actively involve themselves in the treatment and provide active support once the patient returns home.

HCAH SuVitas’ Neuro Rehabilitation Center in Hyderabad and Bangalore

HCAH SuVitas Rehabilitation Centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore have some of the finest neurological rehabilitation experts in the country. Our clinical results and thought leadership have ensured that we are considered the most recommended rehabilitation hospital and are the number one choice for neurology & neuro rehabilitation.

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