Caregivers at home

Credible Caregiver Services At Home

We have trained and qualified non-medical attendants.
(12 & 24 Hr Services)

Hygiene and grooming
(Sponging, bathing, etc.)

Support with walking, assisted
devices, home exercises.

Toileting assistance
(Diaper, Bedpan, etc)

Assistance in feeding
(Oral feeding)

Repositioning for bedridden


Companionship – Comfort
and Courteous talk

Recreational activities


Medication reminder

Prevention of falls

Vitals monitoring


A senior citizen needs assistance with their everyday activities.


Any loved one is bed-ridden and has reduced mobility.


New Born Baby & Mother Care.


Your loved one is recovering from a medical condition & requires constant monitoring & attention.

Why choose us?


100% Verified


Experienced & Certified Staff


Constantly Trained

Safety Guaranteed

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Carers are Trained on Precautions


Equipped with PPE**


Temperature Check

Nursing Support atHOME by HCAH

Meet Our Team

Lakshmi puri

Lakshmi Puri
Nursing supervisor
Specializes in Stroke Care


Rakesh Kumar
Medical attendant – GDA certified – 6 yrs
Specializes in Bedridden Care

Mohan tiwari

Mohan Tiwari
Medical attendant – GDA certified – 6 yrs
Specializes in Elderly Care

Patient Speaks


Mr. Manpreet Singh
NursingCare at Home

I couldn’t identify a solution to the aggravating medical complication and obviously it was painful. I thank HealthCare atHOME for relieving my problem and the personalised care they supported me with.


Why HealthCare atHOME?


Expertise of looking after
4 lac+ patients


Presence in more than
40 cities


Customer-centric services
backed by NPS score>70


Clinical outcomes at par
with Hospitals


Q: What kind of training has been provided to the nurses?

A: Our nursing staff undergoes extensive training as listed below:
‘Berkeley HealthEDU’ – customized training with high fidelity simulators.
American Health Association certified Basic Life Support training.
Mandatory 66+ clinical competency checks before nurses can begin independent visits to the patients’ homes

Q: Do you provide post-operative care? What are the inclusions?

A: Yes, HCAH provides personalized high-end postoperative care after surgeries such as bariatric, gastric, cancer, laparotomy, and kidney transplant among others. This includes seamless service with assisted discharge, post-operative dressing and wound management, diet monitoring and nutrition counselling,

Q: Do you provide nursing services for end of life care?

A: Yes, our certified nurses are trained for end of life care or hospice care for patients suffering with diseases like last stage cancer etc. irrespective of their age and gender.

Q: How do we maintain the quality of our nursing services?

A: HealthCare atHOME ensures safety and hygiene for patients with well-defined clinical protocols that are at par with hospital standards. All the services are facilitated by doctor-driven treatment.
We also conduct regular audits, which comprises of sharing patient’s daily assessment reports with the supervising doctor so that timely intervention can be done, weekly tele/video audits, monthly on-site audits and evaluation of Home Visit Report by our in-house clinical team to ensure best-quality medical treatment for the patients.

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