Diet & Nutrition


Diet & Nutrition

Right nutrition is the critical component of recovery. Our dietician and in-house kitchen will ensure a personalized diet plan based on your health needs.At SuVitas we are aware that Diet plays a critical role in the promotion of health and the well-being of all human beings, but particularly in the case of those recovering from a serious illness or trauma. A nutritious and balanced diet and good food habits can and do improve the quality of life.

Our dietician will ensure that your diet is appropriate to your specific needs and as a general positive impact on your recovery and health. We recommend remedial food habits bearing in mind the different aspects of a person, for example age, work habits, and illness. We also attempt to educate all our guests (residents and their family members) on all matters relating to diet such that even on return to your respective homes you build on your experience with us and use food.

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