Craniotomy Care

Post Craniotomy Care

Craniotomy or brain surgery, involves cutting open a part of the skull to treat conditions like brain tumors, aneurysms, hematomas and brain infections.

Post craniotomy, the person must take off from work. As a rule, physical exertion of any kind must be avoided post surgery, including house work. The person should try to get back to their previous level of functioning gradually. Walking with support can be done initially.

Pain, nausea and fatigue may be present. Medication to control pain must be taken.

Post surgery, issues with thoughts, feelings and behaviour of the patient may be present.

In some cases, rehab might be necessary for post craniotomy recovery. After checking into a Rehabilitation center, post brain surgery recovery might occur faster and more effectively as the resident’s progress is monitored closely by rehab professionals.

Services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy help in the recovery of the resident. Motor abilities, speech and performance of daily activities might improve after spending time at a post-op or rehab facility.

At SuVitas, specialists from multiple disciplines facilitate post craniotomy rehab. Physio and speech therapy are provided along with post craniotomy nursing care. Physicians monitor the resident’s progress closely. Along with these services, psychological counselling is provided to allow for holistic recovery of residents.

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