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Physiotherapy Treatment



Those who have undergone hospitalization for any kind of surgery or major medical illness, tend to have limited function & mobility, severe pain & other complications. For those who are on their path to complete recovery after hospitalization, HCAH SuVitas brings forward the best of physiotherapy services through inpatient rehabilitation centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Physiotherapy or exercise prescription is a very crucial component of medical rehabilitation. Our qualified & experienced therapists will perform baseline evaluation, design and execute personalized physiotherapy plan to achieve goals that have been mutually agreed by resident & therapist. Physiotherapy & exercises help optimize function, relieve symptoms & helps prevent future complications.

HCAH SuVitas physiotherapists will design and implement a personalized rehabilitation care plan that will help the patient:

  • Have improved strength, mobility, and flexibility
  • Regain balance and coordination
  • Walk with confidence and prevent falls
  • Built core stability and manage chronic pain
Nursing Services
Quality Physiotherapy
Methodical Planning

Effective pain
Effective Pain Relief

Physiotherapy forms the critical pillars of complete recovery care.

Our highly trained and experienced physiotherapists have a commitment to excel in full recovery such that your transition to normal life is smooth, early and effective.

Why to choose HCAH SuVitas for Physiotherapy treatment?


Systematic Approach

Our high standards are attributed to our systematic approach to care plan design based on the current condition and personalized needs of each individual patient. We believe that realistic mutually agreeable recovery goals are key for ensuing adherence of patients and their family.

By knowing the exact problem of the patient and improvement scope, strategic physiotherapy plans are prepared and customised along the way to reap maximal benefits.

These goals and expectations are set by mutual agreement between the physiotherapists, doctors and the patients keeping in mind what is best for them.

Nursing Services

Round-the-clock services

Quality physiotherapy services backed up with other rehabilitation staff, doctors and nurses can ensure collaborative care and confidence to the patient and their family.

Effective pain

Effective Pain relief

Pain can be a stop point for implementing complete care plan. Multiple Pain management methods that are safe and proven to be effective are employed to help the patient minimise suffering and ensure best physiotherapy to regain their highest possible functional independence and quality of life.

HCAH SuVitas’ Physiotherapy Center in Hyderabad and Bangalore

Our physiotherapy centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities matching international standards. The patients are assured of the highest quality physiotherapy sessions and psychological and emotional support to achieve complete recovery. The exercises and routines are taught to the patient and until it is safe for them to function on their own or without the need for professional supervision, the patient remains under expert rehabilitation care.

By the time of discharge, our physiotherapy team along with rest of the rehabilitation team will ensure that the patient and their family are empowered to ensure the continuity of care, as required.

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