Stroke Care

Stroke Recovery

Stroke is one of the leading causes of disability in India. Given the epidemic burden and complexity of the requirements, we have crafted a comprehensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation care that will fit your personalised rehabilitation care requirements.

Primary Objectives of Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Is to restore lost strength, balance, speech or cognitive functions
  • Functional Independence with task-specific training
  • Prevent complications and recurrences
  • Improved overall quality of life and emotional wellbeing

Comprehensive Rehabilitation in an inpatient facility has a significant role in ensuring best possible outcomes and improving overall quality of life after stroke rehabilitation.

Key Components Of Stroke Rehabilitation

Key Components of Stroke Recovery Program

Stroke Rehabilitation

Multi-Disciplinary Approach By Experienced Rehabiltation Team

24*7 medical monitoring by doctors, skilled nursing care by qualified nurse, personalised physiotherapy plan by experienced physiotherapists, activity of daily life preparation by occupational therapist, systematic evaluation and therapy by speech and swallow therapist, prompt respiratory therapy interventions by respiratory therapist, healthy and nutritious diet by dietician and ensuring emotional wellbeing by psychologist.

Simple steps for your Smooth Recovery:

The Primary steps of rehabilitation care which needs to be initiated within the first 90 days of Golden Period are,

  • Base assessment & risk profiling– The recovery prognosis of a patient should be made as per the type, severity and location of stroke. Considering other co-morbidities including High blood pressure, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia and preventable risk factors like falls, aspiration, infections etc, a base status is established by respective multidisciplinary department leads that include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapist, dietician and psychologist
  • Goal setting– Once multidisciplinary concludes on baseline evaluation, a personalized care plan with goal settings is presented and agreed with the family to set realistic and mutually agreeable goals for enhanced recovery.
  • Regular monitoring and re-evaluation– Performance indicators shall be rigorously monitored to ensure the path for recovery and a decision to continue/ modify the care plan as per progress. Effects of stroke are different in each individual, hence each care plan is customized as per the individual’s condition for an efficient and accelerated recuperation.
  • Empowerment– By the time we discharge the individual and family is prepared to handle the requirements at home. Post discharge care will ensure care continuum as per the requirement

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