After discharge from hospital the first place where you would like to go is home. But, to recover completely you might need additional/continued specialized medical services like skilled nursing care, physiotherapy, personalized diet program and emotional counselling.

An inpatient rehabilitation facility is the perfect place where your holistic care is taken care by experienced multidisciplinary health care team. All this will ensure an Early, Effective and Empowered Recovery.

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    Our services have depth and breadth, providing a wide range of specialized rehabilitation care Each patient is treated as per a personalized Care Plan which includes:

    SuVitas Medical Supervision


    The medical supervisor is a qualified MBBS doctor who ensures that every patient gets personalized care and attention..Read more

    SuVitas Skilled Nursing Care


    Our specialized 24/7 skilled nursing care facilities provide a high level of care after a patient moves out of a hospital setting..Read more

    SuVitas psychology therapy


    After an injury or serious illness, the emotional recovery is as important as physical recovery. Our qualified psychologist will work with you..Read more

    SuVitas Speech Therapy


    Our speech therapists design individualized treatment plans to help patients recover from speech..Read more

    Diet & Nutrition Program - SuVitas


    Right nutrition is the critical component of recovery. Our dietician and in-house kitchen will ensure a personalized diet plan..Read more



    Our Qualified & experienced therapists will perform evaluation, design and execute personalized physio plan to achieve goals..Read more

    Kolawole Adeboye Mustafa speaks about his brother Kolawole Adeboye Lukman who came to SuVitas post surgery for Paralysis in right limbs due to a stroke. Lukman had a brain hemorrhage caused by a Gunshot wound.



    We have set up a one-of-a-kind facility that provides comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation with the state of the art facility in a home like environment..

    Best Rehabilitation Center in India

    SuVitas (Su = Good + Vitas = Life) was launched in 2015 as India’s first Transition Care facility, with its flagship centre at Hyderabad. We are a category defining venture which bridges that crucial gap between hospital and home care, to ensure a holistic approach to a person’s rehabilitation. Started in Hyderabad with 50 private rooms, the company expanded to Bangalore in 2018 and added another 50 private rooms to its portfolio. Along the way, this pioneering healthcare start-up also built its own technology platform to capture quality of life data and operationalise its multidisciplinary workflows.

    We specialise in inpatient rehabilitation for patients from Neurology & Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Cardio sciences and early stage Oncology, with an excellent record in treating victims of Stroke and Road Traffic Accident survivors who have come to us with brain injuries and polytrauma.

    Post Hospital Rehabilitation

    We have a multi-disciplinary approach under 24/7 medical supervision. Each resident (patient) is evaluated in house, post their hospital discharge, and a personalised care plan is designed in consultation with the resident and his/her family to establish common goals of recovery. Our combination of skilled nursing staff and highly qualified physical therapists work seamlessly with other significant professionals such as occupational, speech and respiratory therapists. Our dietician manages the inhouse kitchen to provide nutritious meals, plan the dietary needs of each patient and counsel the residents such that they make educated choices for good food habits even on their return home. All of the above is executed by a central point of contact, our Care Coordinator who is a qualified psychologist ensuring that the patients and their families are motivated throughout the process, engaged in their own rehab, that any stresses are counselled and that the family unit as a whole returns home better equipped to deal with life after major illness or trauma.

    World Class Nursing Care Facilities

    Every facility is around 50 AC room residential facility, with a home like environment. We also have a fully equipped onsite physiotherapy clinic, cafeteria, activity rooms for art and games therapy where group sessions such as Stroke Support and Family Counselling are conducted. SuVitas has already seen over 1700 plus successful discharges and some incredible results in terms of life changing turnarounds in rehab. We collaborate with the best surgeons in Neurology, Orthopaedics, Cardiology and Oncology and are building sustainable relationships with world class hospitals across the country that see us as a value-add partner.

    24×7 Rehabilitation Service

    24/7 doctors and nurses, full time and comprehensive therapy team of physio, speech/swallow, respiratory and occupational therapy specialists are combined with dietic skills and clinical psychology to provide patients with a full stack of rehabilitation services in each centre. It is global best practice that post most serious hospitalisation periods, a duration of transition care is necessary for the best recovery. At SuVitas, from stroke rehabilitation to sports rehabilitation, the focus is on an Early, Effective and Empowered recovery of patients that leads to more sustainable results and reduces readmissions to hospitals. Our clinical results and thought leadership have ensured that we are considered the recommended rehabilitation hospital and are the number one choice for neurology & neurosurgery, orthopaedics, cardiac sciences and geriatric recovery.

    Recognition & Achievements

    Academic presentations at global fora such as the World Stroke Congress, world Congress of Neurology, World Congress of Neurorehabilitation and World Congress of Spine and spinal disorders have helped solidify the company’s clinical credentials but the best testimonials come from the 1700 plus patients that have successfully been treated at their facilities. This is an unparalleled pedigree in clinical rehabilitation in India at a standalone dedicated facility.

    Our core strengths are: Protocol driven care plan delivered by Multi-disciplinary expert rehab team, in the state-of-the art facility with a home like environment. The mission is to enable Early, Effective & Empowered recovery and make individuals LIVE AGAIN.