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Skilled Nursing Care


HCAH SuVitas Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing care is the backbone of quality inpatient rehabilitation care. When a patient moves out of a hospital setting and is in medical rehabilitation, he/she has specific nursing care needs. Leaving the hospital and restoring oneself into normal life requires meticulous effort and a lot of willpower. Any support and encouragement given to the patient at this stage shall positively impact on their quick recovery.

Patients who come to us seek support and care to supplement their recovery following treatment regimens such that their transition to a normal life is successful. Our nurses are experienced, highly professional and empathetic. HCAH SuVitas’ skilled nursing care services in Hyderabad and Bangalore remain unparalleled in terms of quality and empathetic care.

Our Nursing Care Services

Emotional Support

Emotional Support

Nursing Services

24x7 Nursing Care Services

Skilled Nurses For Each Speciality

Skilled Nurses For Each Speciality

Emotional Support

A major part of our skilled nursing care services in Hyderabad and Bangalore is the value we hold for the emotional support rendered to the patient who is going through a very tough time- as recovery isn’t easy. Our nurses are empathetic and supportive- they put their best efforts to assess the emotional state of the patients and provide them with due attention and care to make them feel better and adapt to the situation. HCAH SuVitas stands out as a centre known to provide personalised care for each patient using methods tailored to work best for them.

24×7 Nursing Services

Being a 24×7 facility, our nurses are constantly available to attend any  care and specially trained to deal with most complications and emergencies that can arise during their stay.

Skilled Nurses For Each Speciality

Across the specialities of neurology,  orthopaedics, cardiology, and oncology, with vast experience our nurses are available for every kind of nursing care

Experienced and Dedicated Nurses

Whether the patient is catheterised or requires assistance in feeding or is recovering from accidental wounds or surgical incisions; our nursing care services in Hyderabad and Bangalore are comprehensive. The nurses have knowledge on how to manage and care for patients who suffer from all kinds of ailments.

The comfort and betterment of our patients are our  first priority and all efforts are directed towards uplifting their quality of life.

HCAH SuVitas Nursing Care in Hyderabad and Bangalore

Our specialized 24/7 skilled nursing care facilities in Hyderabad and Bangalore provide well-trained and high level of skilled nursing care. Our certified nurses will:

  • Measure and monitor vitals on a regular basis
  • Administer medication as prescribed by doctors
  • Provide bedside care including bowel & bladder care
  • Assist with feeding, bathing, dressing and other ADLs, activities of daily life
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