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Inpatient, Outpatient or Home Nursing Care: Choosing the Right Type of Nursing Care

If you have ever been admitted to a hospital, chances are you will clearly remember the faces of the nurses who attended to you. You might not recollect their names but their continuous care in monitoring your condition, giving medications and assisting with treatment procedures are seldom forgotten. Nursing care is one of the most important facets of medical science, especially in recovery care. It has been clinically proven that high quality nursing care can significantly improve the comfort and effectiveness of medical care. In the context of rehabilitation, nursing care is available as Inpatient, Home Care and Outpatient services. In order to receive the best form of nursing care, it is important to understand which one suits your condition best.

Difference between Inpatient, Home Care and Outpatient Care.

Inpatient nursing care is offered to patients who reside at a medical facility until a course of treatment is completed and are ready to go home. When requirements of quality nursing care still persist after discharge, home care nursing will address the requirements. On the other hand, outpatient nursing care is generally not a continuous form of nursing care and is offered to patients during their day visits to a clinic/ hospital/ private therapy practice for defined care requirements.

Conditions Needing Inpatient Nursing Care

Patients who are recovering from serious injuries or critical illnesses will need skilled nursing care along with intensive and comprehensive clinical care under a team of medical professionals. Inpatient nursing care is usually recommended in such cases to address all aspects of aftercare for early, empowered and effective recovery. Patients, who live alone or don’t have the necessary support to recover right, will also need inpatient nursing care until he/she gains functional independence to manage the condition.

Inpatient nursing care is suggested to patients recovering from stroke, serious traffic accidents, Joint Replacement, orthopedic surgeries among others.

When do you need Home Nursing Care?

As a continuity of institutional care (hospital or transition care), when you require one or more of the expert recovery services, you need to utilize home recovery care. The benefits of availing nursing care in the home are that you can receive care while being with your whole family, in a familiar environment which could expedite recovery time and quality, there won’t be any hospital-related anxiety and without any risk of cross-infection from other patients.

Conditions Needing Outpatient Nursing Care

Outpatient nursing care is advised to patients who are recovering from minor medical events and those who have the strength and confidence to handle their recovery needs but require nursing care for defined time and tasks.

If you are unsure of what type of nursing care suits your needs, it is always best to consult your doctor. In case you need any additional details or assistance to decide your course of care, please reach out to our recovery care team at +91 7337556006.

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