Overview of stroke Program

Stroke is one of leading causes of disability in India. Given the epidemic burden and complexity of requirements, there is significant need for comprehensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation centers.

Evidence shows that rehabilitation center(s) have significant role in improving quality of life and outcomes of stroke rehabilitation in India.

Stroke leaves a challenging impact on individual’s functional status, psychological abilities,social interactions and financial wellbeing. Given the epidemic burden and complexity of requirements, there is significant need for comprehensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation centers for early,effective and empowered recovery.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach by experienced rehab team

24*7 medical monitoring, skilled nursing care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, diet and nutrition and emotional wellness

Key components of Stroke Rehab Program

  • Strength training, Gait, Mobility and Balance Training
  • Speech & Swallow therapy
  • Mood changes and Emotional wellbeing
  • Cognitive training

Prevention of complications like aspiration, pressure ulcers and infections

Bringing back Normal Activities of Daily Life and improve Quality of Life
The key objective of stroke rehabilitation

a. Is to restore health in an individual through neurological recovery (mainly through neuroplasticity),
b. functional recovery with task-specific training and
c. improve the quality of life by focusing on emotional wellbeing.

The Primary steps of rehabilitation care which needs to be initiated within the first 90 days of Golden Period are,

  • Base assessment & risk profiling– The recovery prognosis of a patient should be made as per the severity of the disease, by taking into account any co-morbidities including High blood pressure, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia and preventable risk factors like falls, aspiration, infections etc.
  • Goal setting– A multidisciplinary team of care providers including physicians, speech therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians should work with the family to set realistic and mutually agreeable goals for enhanced recovery.
  • Regular evaluation– Performance indicators should be rigorously monitored to continue/ modify the care plan. Stroke affects differently in individuals and hence each care plan should be customized as per the individual’s condition.
  • Empowerment– Soon after discharge from a critical care setting, depending on the intensity of the condition a stroke patient should decide to choose the next care setting. He/she should be advised to handle the disease/risk factors and ideally moved to an organized rehabilitation setting for an empowered and accelerated recuperation.

Components of the Programes

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