8 Reasons why one should come to SuVitas for Rehabilitation Services!

“You were sick, but now you’re well again, and there’s work to do.”

This quote by Kurt Vonnegut very clearly explains the fact that no matter what sickness one goes through, he has to get back to his normal life as soon as he recovers. But it’s an undeniable fact that an elongated period of illness leaves one spent physically and emotionally. Thus, it is very important for them to overcome that phase of life to live life again.

SuVitas, India’s first post hospitalization rehabilitation centre, is the leading provider of in-patient transition care facilities and it serves patients who have experienced treatment for diseases- crosswise neurology, cardiology, orthopedics and early stage oncology, and are not totally recouped to go home.

Being the only medical rehabilitation centre focusing on scientific protocol based personalized care delivered in a homely environment, SuVitas assists people with accomplishing improved adaptability, strength and autonomy. SuVitas is a place where the patient gets treated in a homely environment.If you need help with post hospitalization rehabilitation, here are reasons why SuVitas tops the list:

  • The Staff at SuVitas ensures that the patient takes the medications on time and their dressings are changed (if required) at regular intervals.
  • Psycho-social assessment counseling and personalized physiotherapy play an important role in restoring the patient to a healthy state of mind and body. Keeping this in mind, the treatment at SuVitas is aimed at unearthing any impairment to the cognitive faculties of a patient through psychological evaluation and implementing a physio-therapeutic plan, which would help in building core stability.
  • SuVitas is equipped with top-of-the-line technological gizmos like posture pulley, robotic rehab therapy and body-weight-supported treadmill which aid in faster recovery.
  • Those who fail to express and convey their emotions through language post-illness are facilitated with speech therapy, which targets improvement of writing and verbal skills.
  • Proficient medical supervisors safeguard the personalized attention and services, which are afforded to every patient. The physicians in co-ordination with the primary consultants define the needs of an individual patient so that the skilled nurses can provide specified nursing care facilities 24/7.
  • SuVitas has been constructed with a concern for the comfort of the healing patients. The environment is calming and rejuvenating with private rooms being maintained to uphold the consistent standard of hygiene.
  • Wi-Fi is enabled and the patients can entertain themselves in the home theatre. Recreational activities are also devised so as to break the monotony of the stay-in residents.
  • At SuVitas, we believe in mixing treatment with the family love and care. The patient’s family might have vowed to stay besides their ailing in sickness and health, but illness is taxing for both parties in question. SuVitas recognizes this and ensures that psychological counseling encompasses the evaluation of both the patients and their families. Patients are also provided with the opportunity to interact with each other which benefits both symbiotically, acting as a form of therapy.

Selecting the suitable rehabilitation service might be intimidating and overwhelming, but with SuVitas you needn’t look any further.

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