Brain Hemorrhage Rehabilitation

Brain Hemorrhage Rehab

There are few worse ways to face physical health problems than suffering from a Brain Hemorrhage. It is one of the most common types of stroke. Known by many names such as cerebral hemorrhage, intracranial hemorrhage, intra-cerebral hemorrhage etc, it causes temporary or even permanent damage to the brain cells resulting in abnormality in body functions. The most effective way to neutralize the damage is by undergoing Brain Hemorrhage Rehabilitation.

What exactly is Brain Hemorrhage?

Often during an injury or attack, blood from trauma irritates brain tissues causing them to swell. This phenomenon is known as cerebral edema. This blood accumulates into a mass known as hematoma. Under these conditions, pressure on adjacent brain tissues increases and thus reduces essential blood flow hence killing brain cells. The site of the bleeding can be between the brain and the membrane covering it, between the layers of the covering of the brain or inside the brain.

What are its Causes?

Very common yet deadly factors prove to be the reason behind brain hemorrhage.

Head trauma:- Mostly observed in people aging less than 50, head trauma is the most common cause of hemorrhage.

Aneurysm:- It causes the blood vessel walls to weaken and gradually burst and bleed into the brain causing hemorrhage.
High blood pressure:- Blood pressure if kept untreated can prove to be a major imposing threat of brain hemorrhage
How can one recover from brain hemorrhage?

Brain Hemorrhage Rehabilitation is of primary importance in recovering from brain hemorrhage and improving chances of leading a healthy life unhindered by limitations. After the massive attacks faced by the brain, the victim not only needs physical guidance but also emotional support that are aptly provided by rehabilitation therapists at Brain Hemorrhage Rehabilitation centers. Apart from that, hemorrhage rehab also helps the family member of the survivor eventually cope up with the loss.

How does Brain Hemorrhage Rehabilitation at SuVitas help you?

At SuVitas a hemorrhage victim is not only provided all the required therapies for steady and fats recovery but also the care and emotional support that one longs for in these situations.

Brain Hemorrhage Rehabilitation at SuVitas includes Speech therapy, which helps to reconstruct the survivor’s speech that had been impaired by the hemorrhage.
Efficient Physiotherapy conducted by therapists enables speedy recovery from paralysis or partial paralysis.
Occupational therapy engages the survivors in basic household chores thus eliminating the depression one could possibly incur by not being able to do their own work.
Psychological therapy includes motivational speeches and meditations that prevent the patients from facing anxiety disorders, irrational anger and depression.

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