Best Orthopedic Rehabilitation


Orthopedic Rehabilitation is the therapy used in the treatment of a range of conditions which affect muscular and skeletal systems. It is a medically-supervised care program that is specially designed for patients who have suffered from orthopedic injuries & disabilities including:

The Objectives

Every patient receives a specialized and patient-specific rehabilitation plan. Our expert orthopedic team uses state-of-the-art equipment & highly-effective evidence based procedures to help the patient rebuild strength, regain range of motion and return him/her to optimal functional independence. The therapeutic objectives we focus on include:

  • Assess the functional status and identify the needs
  • Confirming the rehabilitation objectives and setting mutually agreeable, realistic
  • Design and implement a comprehensive patient-specific treatment plan
  • Providing continuous evaluation and adjusting the program when necessary

Our Approach

There is very consistent and detailed consultation with the referring surgeons & physicians and this ensures effective treatment & continuity of care. In achieving these objectives, we use:

  • Physio and activity therapy
  • Pain management techniques
  • Occupational therapy
  • Pre & post-surgical care
  • Safe and effective Transfers
  • Adaptive skills/devices (Bracing orthotics) for improvement of safety, independence &

The Outcomes

The most common outcomes of our specialized orthopedic rehabilitation include:

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Enhanced joint flexibility
  • Improved mobility and endurance
  • Normal Range of motion
  • Safety in ambulation
  • Reduced swelling & pain
  • Strengthening & conditioning of the complete kinetic chain
  • Improvement in overall health & wellbeing

While we work very closely with each patient, a lot of importance is given to educating family members to be proactive with their involvement in the treatment and provide active support after the patient returns home.

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