Post-Operative Care

Post-Operative Nursing Care

Post-Operative Care is the specialized care provided to a patient who has recently undergone a surgery and needs time and assistance to recover completely from the effects of the surgery and function normally again to lead a normal life. Operations/Surgical procedures are often performed in Hospitals that are high functioning. Both Elective/emergency operative procedures demands a high-quality care setting. Once the medical stability steps in, patient is required to move out of hospital. But, for full functional recovery, continuity of post-operative care is equally important. But, for patients to attain full recovery from any condition, they still need continuous care. Specialized rehabilitation centers are well equipped to take care of patients as they attain full recovery from conditions and make sure that they are completely ready to go home and lead normal lives again. Transition Care-Inpatient rehabilitation care centers are the bridge between the hospital lives and home lives of the patients.

Key Components of Post-Surgery Care

  • Prevention of Post-Operative Complications
  • Wound/Incision care
  • Pain Management
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Early Mobility
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Emotional Wellbeing

Multidisciplinary Rehab Team

A team of experienced professionals including doctors, physiotherapist, skilled nurses, nutritionists and psychologists works together seamlessly to improve the health of the patient recovering from surgery in a holistic manner. The emotional health of the patient is given paramount importance when it comes to recovery from surgeries which is emphasized by the fact that emotional Health directly impacts the physical recovery of the patients.

Family Support

A major role that is played by the rehabilitation centers in effective post-operative care is the provision of support to the family. Key focus is health education on the proper ways of patient care and management upon the patient arriving at home. This will help them gaze on what to expect and are prepared accordingly. Along with this, discharge planning is done based on the expert’s advice to be followed for complete recovery of the patients.
Thus, Post-Operative Care in an Inpatient rehabilitation center provide a holistic beneficial experience for the patients and tremendously catalyze their recovery to be fully ready for normal life once again.

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