Respiratory therapy services in Bangalore


There are numerous conditions and treatments including emergency interventions that leave a person disabled in a manner that they are incapable of taking a breath of air without assistance. The quality of life in such a patient needs a strong upliftment for the sake of their overall wellness and proper recovery. Keeping in mind that breathing is the most natural thing that we do, only those who have been in such a condition can appreciate the full extent of the trauma that such a patient is subjected to.

Our in-house respiratory therapists and physicians are available throughout the day and night to assist the patient as and when required. Trained to handle any emergency medical conditions, our staff are dedicated to provide excellent care to the patient. SuVitas is a state of the art centre with contemporary facilities and highly experienced staff.

Our Respiratory Therapy Services Include :


Chest Physiotherapy through long and effective sessions under the guidance of our dedicated physiotherapists who have a significant level of experience in managing similar conditions.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises to strengthen the secondary muscles that assist in the process of conscious and effortful breathing.


Education and Counselling to the patient and family on how best to manage the patient and assist them as necessary. This becomes especially important when the patient has undergone tracheostomy and will be needing additional care to go about their daily routines.

Tracheostomy Care

Attention and care of experienced nurses and physiotherapists with assured service quality. We follow a result oriented personalised therapy plan taking into account the specific needs of our patients and thereby render effective service with notable improvement in the overall quality and wellness of the patient.

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