Physiotherapy centres in Bangalore


For those who are on the path to complete recovery following a major accident or trauma, SuVitas brings forward best of the physiotherapy services at Bangalore Center now. Dedication and effectiveness form the pillars of our mission to inculcate excellence in care.

We direct the services of our highly trained and experienced physiotherapists at your disposal and commit to your full recovery- such that your transition to normal life as was before the incident is smooth and effective at the earliest possible time.

Why Choose SuVitas?


Methodological Planning

Our high standards are attributed to our innovative and inspirational health care planning methodologically done to suit the needs of each individual patient. We believe that every affliction and the consequences of each are unique and that no common treatment plan is fully effective for everyone

By knowing the exact problem of the patient and improvement scope, strategic physiotherapy plans are prepared and customised along the way to reap maximal benefits.

These goals and expectations are set by mutual agreement between the physiotherapists, doctors and the patients keeping in mind what is best for them.

Round the Clock Services

Our rehabilitation staff, doctors and nurses are present in the centre throughout the day and night to attend to the needs of the patient and tackle any emergency that may arise.

Effective pain

Effective Pain Relief

Pain relief methods- that are safe and proven to be effective ones are employed to help the patient minimise suffering since pain is the major hurdle for those seeking to regain their normal functions.

SuVitas’ Physiotherapy Center in Bangalore

Our physiotherapy centre is highly facilitated with contemporary equipment matching international standards. The patients are provided with physical, psychological and emotional support throughout their course of recovery. The exercises and routines are taught to the patient and until it is safe for them to function on their own or without the need for professional supervision; the patient remains under expert care.

Realistic goals are set with carefully thought out timings such that they are achievable without any level of disappointment.

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