Psychological rehab therapy centres in Bangalore


Strong emphasis on the psychological recovery of a patient who has just been through a traumatic experience is of paramount importance and an often overlooked aspect. Accidents, surgeries, strokes, cancer and other disabling afflictions all have something in common- the post traumatic stress disorder that follows. Our psychology experts pay careful attention and try their best to understand the emotional state of the patient undergoing such a trauma and work towards restoring their mental state to normal as best possible.

SuVitas’ Psychological Rehabilitation Services

Some of the top psychologists in Bangalore extend their services with a goal to ensure a wholesome recovery of the patients under our care. The patients and their families are taken into account when preparing an effective therapy plan that is implemented after taking various factors into consideration.

The mind plays a major role in the transition of a patient to normal life that follows a life changing incident- to keep the mind strong and stable is to ensure steady and consistent recovery. The patients under our care experience steady support and empathy- we implement our psychology therapies on various levels. Support groups and group therapies form a major part of our psychological recovery services.

Patients who have been left cognitively disabled due to neurological disorders are provided with behavioural therapies following clear identification of the problem. The coping skills of the patients are thoroughly assessed and the therapies are provided accordingly as we value the comfort and emotional well being of our patients.

SuVitas brings you the services of top psychologists in Bangalore who are experts in the field with several years of experience in dealing with patients suffering from all kinds of post traumatic conditions. Some of our features include :

  • Educating the patient and their family on the realistic outcome of the therapy and on how best to manage the patient.
  • Group counselling therapies along with individual therapies to place the patient in an empathetic environment that aids overcoming associated depression.
  • Effective management of stress associated with the recovery.
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