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Cardiac Service

How to Choose the Best Rehab Centre for Cardiac Patients?

Choosing the best rehab center for receiving the right rehabilitation & support after suffering from a cardiac arrest or heart attack can indeed be overwhelming. As per the experts in the field of cardiac rehabilitation, the significance of cardiac rehabilitation for the cardiac patients is immense. There are several pieces of evidence where the cardiac rehabilitation has proved to create positive impacts on the survivors’ life quality. So, this is high time to review the evidences in order to understand the major significance and crucial aspects of cardiac rehabilitation.

Cardiac rehabilitation is being well-provided by the trained healthcare professionals from various disciplines as a serious cardiac disease usually affects many functions in the human body and sometimes can have neurological complications like major weakness and paralysis, harm the fine and gross motor skills, impair language and speech abilities. The diseases can also cause harm to cognitive abilities, emotion and vision of the survivors. The limited timeframes attached to the receiving of care for the cardiac patients most of the times prove to be challenging. The average stay in a hospital is around four to seven days. After seven days of hospitalization, they are released from the hospital and the doctors usually suggest opting for the best suited cardiac rehabilitation. The ideal inpatient rehabilitation facility in a specialized cardiac rehabilitation centre should have multiple expert teams for the right care of the cardiac patients.

Your budgets for cardiac rehabilitation should be used very wisely and the best way to go for is the inpatient rehabilitation facility in one of the best rehabilitation centres. The families should necessarily check with their insurance plans to check the best post-acute care that the patient is covered in. The evaluating of the inpatient rehabilitation and the skilled nursing facilities is very necessary while choosing the best facility for cardiac rehabilitation. Here is a consolidated breakdown of the major services that the chosen cardiac rehabilitation facility should provide for the best results.

Inpatient rehab facilities are typically the first thing to look for. The team approach of the rehabilitation centre should also be thoroughly determined. The therapists should be empathic enough to dedicate enough time to listen to the problems of the patients and discuss the right and required patient care. This is to be ensured that the concerned patient should cover up at least ninety days in some inpatient rehabilitation facility for the best results. The chosen rehab facility should extend at least 3 hours of cardiac rehabilitation therapy per day. Also, skilled nursing facility (SNF) should be available in the chosen rehabilitation center. The facilities, resources and programs extended by the various rehabilitation centers vary from one another. So, finding the right one for fulfilling the patient’s need certainly require some serious investigation. One of the best ways to evaluate the facilities apples-to-apples is to determine the required quality measures depending on the patient’s condition.
The patients with serious cardiac ailments after the treatment from the hospital should be shifted to the rehabilitation center instead of home because the right care is achieved under the scrutiny of the expert healthcare professionals 24X7.

General Checklist while choosing the best rehab centers for cardiac patients

The general facts that need to be checked are as follows:

  • The types of the rehab care that the patient’s insurance cover
  • Whether the chosen rehabilitation centre has a specialized cardiac rehabilitation program
  • Checking the facilities/infrastructure which assures highest quality care
  • The list of progress to look forward to after completing the cardiac rehabilitation program
  • The therapy programs that are included in the cardiac rehabilitation program
  • The precautions to be taken by the patient to prevent falls while moving independently

Checklist before the patient is discharged from the rehabilitation centre

The following facts need to be checked necessarily before the discharge of the patient from the rehabilitation centre:

  • The amount of damage caused to the cardiac patient
  • The prognosis and the expected course of recovery
  • The service types that can probably bring in improvement in the outcome
  • The present health/medical complexity or situation that the patient still has and the way forward to manage them after their discharge from the rehabilitation centre

The above guidelines can considerably help the cardiac patients and their families to choose the right cardiac rehabilitation centre for best outcomes and quick recovery.

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