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Parkinsons diseas

Physiotherapy in Parkinsons

Parkinson’s is a rather unfortunate disease. Treatments are available to relieve symptoms of this disease but there isn’t any permanent cure to the disease. It has symptoms like tremors, the rigidity of muscles, etc. Changes in gait and speech are also observed. This happens because nerve cells producing dopamine get affected when one has this disease.

Physiotherapy is one way to cure this disease considerably and many have been benefitted from it. This therapy is important and is recommended by most of the doctors. Of course, this takes a long time and tests your patience too.

Here we will give you a list to reaffirm your faith in physiotherapy to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Posture: Maintaining the right posture is extremely important. Effective physiotherapy helps in restoring the natural structure of the body so that it gets the right balance and allows natural movements.
Walking and turning: A person with Parkinson’s most usually don’t get to move around as he or she wishes. Physiotherapy helps the person to move and turn. The nerves and muscles are tuned to ease out walking and turning.

Range of movement: Physiotherapy helps in tuning the range of movements that a human needs to carry out the daily activities. With the right massages done correctly in the proper areas, movement correction can be done quite effectively.

Flexibility: Often the muscles go too stiff that the patient cannot respond to the physiotherapy. In that case, it is necessary that you first make the muscles flexible enough and then start the needed physiotherapy to get the required exercises and massages done.

Balance: In order to one can stand or sit straight by himself or herself without any external balance, it is necessary that one has control over his own body. Physiotherapy helps in restoring balance to the body.

Aids and help: If you go to a proper physiotherapist, he will assist you with proper wheel chairs and other aids, which are designed to make physiotherapy in a way that it’s more effective.

Exercising in groups: This is an idea, which makes this entire process more interesting. By seeing each other’s developments one gets encouragement and the resolve to recover faster.

Helps keeping focus: The regularity of physiotherapy puts the focus in the places your body needs to put it correctly in.

Fault detection: Many a times, the exact cause or the area to be focussed on is not detected correctly. A physiotherapist can do that correctly.

Painless: It is an absolutely painless process and brings gradual and steady relief to the patient.

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