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Start your path to Post-Operative Physiotherapy at SuVitas Rehab Centre in Bangalore

If you have been suffering from certain chronic pain, then you must be thinking of undergoing a surgery after a consultation with your doctor. So, once the date of your surgery is scheduled, then this is obvious that you would be very anxious. But the biggest apprehension that you have is regarding the right things that are to be done after the surgery.

There are several patients and their families who focus on taking special care of the patient only till the time the patient is admitted in the hospital and end up ignoring the significance of post-operative care and rehabilitation after the patient is released from the hospital. The post-operative care and rehabilitation play a major role in the recovery of the patient. In case your doctor has especially suggested for opting physical therapy after you have undergone surgery, then this is obviously because it plays a crucial role in the recuperation of the patients.

Here are the major reasons for starting your path to post-operative physiotherapy at SuVitas Rehab Centre in Bangalore.

Reason 1: Promote Healing Quickly

This is the topmost reason why the doctors often prescribe physiotherapy post-surgery. Physiotherapy ensures that the body heals quickly after an operation. The reason for the same being minimizing scar tissues post arthroscopy on the shoulder or knee, or in order to retrain the patient’s muscles post a major surgery. There are several factors which are the key reasons for consulting a physiotherapist. This is to be kept in mind that it is the specialty of the surgeon to properly diagnose and then repair a specific injury whereas the physiotherapists are trained musculoskeletal experts who facilitate in improving the ways of functioning. The specialist physiotherapists of SuVitas are experts in practicing the best post-operative physiotherapy for the quick recovery of the patients who have undergone major surgeries.

Reason 2: Regaining Mobility

Surgeries on hips or knees or any of the lower extremities of the human body necessarily need physical therapy in order to regain the desired mobility again. By mobility, we mean the power of the patient to return back to normal life and able to do the day-to-day activities independently. The day-to-day physical activities include walking independently, gardening, indulging in regular exercise sessions, running etc.

And this is to be kept in mind that the recovery power after a surgery varies from patient to patient. So, do not compare your case with some other patient. The physiotherapists would develop and suggest a treatment plan after thorough consideration of the pre-operation and post-operation goals of the patient. Also, the specialist physiotherapists in SuVitas make it a point to assess the muscles and joints which lie below and above the site of surgery. This is to determine whether these muscles and joints are working properly after the surgery is done.

Reason 3: To Facilitate Quicker Recovery

Undertaking the necessary rehabilitation after a surgery will certainly facilitate the body in recovering faster. The major cases of surgeries like the total joint replacements require extensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation as part of the proper post-operative care. The post-operative care can be best received in the state-of-art rehabilitation centers like SuVitas. The period of rehabilitation certainly varies from patient to patient depending on the nature of the surgery undergone and the overall condition of the patient after the surgery.

Reason 4: Getting involved in rehabilitation to keep engaged and feel good

When the patient, after the surgery starts to actively work with the expert physiotherapists in SuVitas, they become actively involved in their recovery. There are several researches which reveal that those patients who have participated actively in the healthcare and rehabilitation programs end up having better experiences in comparison to the patients with same ailments but have not participated in rehabilitation programs. The physiotherapists and the entire team at SuVitas not only intend to help the patients to recover quickly from the surgery but also to help the patients lead a healthier life post-surgery by overcoming the changes and side-effects that have occurred after the surgery.

In several cases, depending on the condition of the patients, the doctors also prescribe the patients to opt for few physiotherapy sessions in order to gain the required strength prior to the operation. The researches have revealed that the patients who have opted for pre-operation physiotherapies have smoother experiences of post-operative physiotherapy. So, it is always good to visit a good and trusted rehabilitation centre like SuVitas for pre-operative and post-operative physiotherapy for the best results.

When it comes to post-operative care, it would be a great decision on your part to start your path to post-operative physiotherapy at SuVitas Rehab centre in Bangalore.

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