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Cardiac Rehabilitation

5 Reasons why to Opt SuVitas for Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

Cardiac rehabilitation is an extensive program which comprises of selective exercise and several information sessions that facilitate the survivors of cardiac arrest and heart surgery to get back on their feet to lead a normal life. There are several specialized sessions which provide the patients and their families with professional support, information and advice that would help the patients to get back to their everyday life very efficiently.

Benefits of Cardiac Rehab

The cardiac rehabilitation program would help the patients in the following major ways:

  • Understanding the patient’s condition
  • Recovering from the heart attack and heart surgery procedure
  • Making necessary changes in the lifestyles that would improve the health of the heart
  • Reducing the chances of further heart issues

Who should necessarily opt for the cardiac rehab?

The cardiac rehabilitation program is necessary for anyone who has suffered from the following:

  • A coronary angioplasty
  • A heart attack
  • A heart surgery
  • Patients with ICD implantation
  • Patients of heart failure or angina

When to start the cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation

should be opted for as soon as the heart patient goes to the hospital for heart treatment or surgery.

The cardiac rehabilitation team would normally visit the patient to determine the condition of the patient and then suggest a customized rehabilitation treatment package.

The patient is expected to join the cardiac rehabilitation program after four to eight weeks from the time of leaving the hospital.

Choosing the right cardiac rehabilitation center

There are several rehabilitation centers in India but very few provide the best of the services that would help the cardiac patient to recover and lead a normal life again. So, the cardiac rehabilitation center has to be very carefully chosen.

SuVitas is one of the renowned rehabilitation service providers in India. Whether a patient has undergone a heart surgery or a coronary angioplasty or an open heart surgery, SuVitas has the most competent team of professionals who provide the best of the cardiac rehabilitation services to the patients. Here are the 5 good reasons for opting the cardiac rehabilitation services from SuVitas.

Holistic approach

The rehabilitation service provider team at SuVitas believes that it is not enough to be physically fit for the cardiac disease survivors. The team at SuVitas has adopted a holistic approach that completely ensures the well-being of the patients with the help of the expert nutritionists who prepare a personalized food chart for each of the cardiac patients depending on their health conditions. There is also a large emphasis on physical, emotional and social wellbeing that would facilitate the quick recovery of the patients who are undergoing cardiac rehabilitation.

A competent team of nurses

SuVitas hold the pride of having a competent team of nurses who provide the patients with prescribed medication in the suggested time by the physicians. They also ensure to change the dressings in order to ensure that the patient’s heart can heal in a sterilized environment.

Best physical therapies

SuVitas is a dynamic rehabilitation center that is equipped to tackle the challenges that the cardiac patients face. SuVitas team treats the cardiac disease survivors with procedures that are outside the provision of the conventional treatments procedures. They employ the therapeutic procedures like activity therapy and physiotherapy. These include the adequate and well-organized set of effective exercises which would increase the patient’s ability to tolerate the chronic heart pain and eventually increase the mobility and confidence of the heart disease survivors. This also ensures the function and motor skills of the patients properly which ensures that they can live a life independently once again.

Personalized healthcare plan for each patient

Different types of cardiac patients face several different problems which are not common for all patients. The team at SuVitas make it a point to conduct a thorough analysis of the medical condition and then arrive at a personalized healthcare plan for the patients which is holistic and multi-disciplinarian. These healthcare plans are being designed utilizing the state-of-the-art facilities which surely help the cardiac disease survivors to adapt to the lifestyle change quite easily.

Taking care of the psychological and emotional well-being of the patients

The psychological and emotional well-being of the patients are being taken care of by the team in SuVitas. They provide the best of the stress management and counseling sessions which are very necessary for a sound and healthy mind and heart.

So, if any of your family members or friends has recently undergone a major cardiac treatment, then they should certainly opt for the cardiac rehabilitation services from SuVitas for regaining their normal lives after the heart treatment or surgery.

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