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10 Reasons why One Should Opt for Orthopedic Rehabilitation Care

Orthopedic rehabilitation care helps people of all ages who are experiencing medical conditions, injuries or illnesses which limit their regular ability to function and move independently.

A customized orthopedic rehabilitation program has the capability of helping the individuals to return to their prior level of functioning. The orthopedic rehabilitation program also encourages lifestyle changes and activities which would prevent them from any further injury and eventually improve the overall health and well-being of the patients. The primary care doctors often refer the patients to orthopedic rehabilitation at the very first sign of the problem as it is considered as a conservative approach for managing the problems.  If you are not aware of the significance of the orthopedic rehabilitation care, then have a quick look at the 10 prime reasons to opt for the same.

Avoiding surgery

The orthopedic rehabilitation care has the magical power of eliminating the pain and heal the injuries. In several cases, surgery cannot be avoided. Even if the surgery is required in some cases, the overall process of orthopedic rehabilitation can immensely benefit the pre-surgery physical therapy. In case, if a patient is going into a surgery in a stronger condition and in better shape, there are faster chances of recovery. Also, in several cases when surgery is avoided, a substantial amount of health care costs are reduced.

Eliminating or reducing pain

There are manual therapy and therapeutic exercises included in the orthopedic rehabilitation care programs. Some of the major techniques which are adopted in the orthopedic rehabilitation care programs are soft tissue mobilization, taping or electrical stimulation, ultrasound which very efficiently helps in relieving the pain and restoring the joint and muscle functions. Also, these therapies have the capacity of preventing the pain from returning further.

Improving mobility

In case a patient is facing trouble in standing, moving or walking after an orthopedic treatment, the orthopedic rehabilitation care can help considerably. Several strengthening and stretching exercises which are part of the program facilitate the patients to restore their ability to move independently. The orthopedic rehabilitation team can help the patients to move independently with the help of the crutches, canes and assistive devices. Also, the rehab team customizes the individual care plans where the activities are chalked out as per the individual’s present health condition. This customized plan can be practiced by the concerned patient in order to adapt and ensure maximal safety and performance.

Recovering from stroke

Once an individual suffers a stroke, then he/she loses some degree of movement and physical functioning. In such cases, orthopedic rehabilitation care can facilitate in improving the physical conditions of the stroke patients. By opting for orthopedic rehabilitation care, the stroke patients achieve the freedom of independent movement within the home and can independently take care of their bathing, toileting, dressing and other daily activities.

Recovering or preventing any sports injury

The orthopedic rehabilitation team very well understands the ways different types of sports increase the risk of injuries like stress fractures suffered by the distance runners. The orthopedic rehab team can very professionally design the appropriate prevention or recovery programs for the sportspersons.

Improving the balance and preventing falls

When the orthopedic rehabilitation is initiated, the patients get screened for fall risk. If the concerned patient has a high risk of fall, then the therapists usually provide exercises that can carefully and safely challenge the patient’s balance and mimic the real-life situations. Thus, the therapists of the rehab team help the patients with exercises that have the ability to improve the coordination which eventually helps the patients in walking safely and independently. When the balance problem is due to the patient’s vestibular system, the rehab team performs some specific maneuvers which can quickly restore the normal vestibular functioning. The therapy is equally helpful in reducing and eliminating the symptoms of vertigo and dizziness.

Managing the vascular and diabetic conditions

When it comes to the overall diabetes management plan, then exercise plays a major role in effectively control the level of blood sugar. Also, the people suffering from diabetes suffer from problems related to the sensation in their legs and feet. Thus, the orthopedic rehabilitation team can provide guidance and help to such patients to get rid of these issues.

Managing the lung and the heart diseases

While the patients may complete the cardiac rehabilitation care after a heart disease, they may have to receive orthopedic rehabilitation to regain their power of daily functioning. For the pulmonary issues, the orthopedic rehabilitation care can considerably improve the quality of life by means of conditioning, strengthening and breathing exercises which facilitate the patients to clear the fluids that are accumulated in the lungs.

Managing the age – related problems

With the increasing age, the individuals develop certain physical problems like osteoporosis or arthritis or may sometimes require a joint replacement surgery. The orthopedic rehabilitation can considerably improve the overall quality of life by helping the patients to quickly recover after a joint replacement surgery or in managing of osteoporotic or arthritic conditions.

Managing the women’s health conditions

There are several women-specific health concerns like post-partum care and pregnancy-related issues. The orthopedic rehabilitation has the power of offering specialized management of the women-specific health issues. Also, there is specialized rehab care available for the patients with breast cancer, bowel incontinence, constipation, lymphedema, fibromyalgia, pelvic pain and urinary incontinence.

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