Virtual Rehabilitation: Why to Consider, Who is it for?

The COVID pandemic has brought unprecedented changes not just in our everyday lives but in healthcare delivery too. Elective surgeries are being massively cancelled or postponed in hospitals in order to free up the hospital beds for critical COVID patients. However, delaying time-sensitive recovery care may deteriorate the patient health and quality of life leading to relapse and avoidable casualties and deaths. Fret not; virtual rehabilitation is here to bring quality recovery care to your home.

Virtual rehabilitation provides access to infection-free, non-COVID care to palliative patients and those seeking critical care to resume to their normal lives. Also referred to as ‘telerehabilitation’, this is a highly effective method to enhance or replace conventional rehabilitation treatments when geographic, physical and cognitive barriers pose as challenges. The exponential growth of internet and technology has realized the possibility of virtual rehabilitation to new frontiers.

World’s First Virtual Rehabilitation by SuVitas

SuVitas, India’s first transition care center launched the world’s first comprehensive virtual rehabilitation programme in March 2020. With its unparalleled pedigree in inpatient rehabilitation for stroke, head and spinal cord injuries, dementia, Parkinson’s etc, SuVitas is globally acclaimed for its protocol-driven multidisciplinary care plan. Recognizing the broad scope and limitations of telemedicine, the rehabilitation experts at SuVitas with decade long experience have designed wide-ranging remote-recovery programmes. These can be personalized as per the specific health conditions of patients and  are highly cost-effective.

Virtual rehabilitation programmes can be availed through one-on-one consultations or by way of group therapy and webinars. Patients can choose the format according to their preference and fix time for sessions with the practitioners as per their convenience.

Why to Consider Virtual Rehab:

Rehabilitation strategies followed by a critical illness or an injury helps in maximizing functional independence and improving overall quality of life. All rehabilitation interventions are incremental in nature and work towards achieving specific functional gains. In the absence of quality recovery care, those who underwent prolonged hospital care could suffer from immediate to long-term consequences.

Listed below are reasons to consider Virtual Rehab:

  • Intensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation sessions guided by trained therapists can improve functional outcomes in patients recovering from stroke, cardiac complications, neuro and orthopedic surgeries etc.
  • Inactive lifestyle and lack of physical exercises during these lockdown days can deteriorate the health of patients recovering from any type of surgeries.
  • Traveling to rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics or hospitals regularly to undergo recovery treatments including Physiotherapy, Respiratory therapy, Occupational therapy etc. will not be feasible during the pandemic.
  • Booking home healthcare services or inviting healthcare professionals to home for follow up treatments are also not preferred option considering the spike in cases reported among healthcare professionals themselves.
  • Receive personalized recovery sessions as per your convenience over video call or phone calls. Follow instructions of the rehab specialists to overcome your health issues from wherever you are.

Who is Virtual Rehab for?

Virtual rehabilitation facilities can be availed by anyone looking for online rehabilitation services from any part of the world.

Here are few specific conditions where virtual rehab presents significant advantages:

  • Those who are looking for palliative care (pain management). Specially trained team of therapists work together to provide pain relief and stress from the symptoms of the illness.
  • Ergonomic consultations are offered to those who have back pain problems due to a variety of reasons, including prolonged work-from-home hours
  • Psychological consultation for people suffering from stress, anxiety/ depression
  • Pre-rehab or Post-rehab care for people needing or recovering from surgery for faster recovery. Our expertise range from neurological and orthopedic conditions to Cardiology, Oncology etc.
  • Specialized geriatric consultation and care for those aged 65 or older. From handling concerns including falls, memory problems, urinary incontinence etc. to tube feeding and wound management, we have specialized online programmes to provide customized care.
  • Children with special needs along with their parents are provided with guided sessions to support the child’s learning, health and emotional wellbeing

How to Avail SuVitas Virtual Rehab?

  1. Call 73375 56010 or Book an Appointment Online
  2. Initial Consultation / Assessment  with Our Rehab Experts
  3. Avail of Our Guided Sessions via Call or Video as Mutually Agreed
  4. Get Better!
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