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Surgery care

Post Surgery Care Rehabilitation

Hospitals are high functioning facilities dealing with thousands of patients wherein it becomes virtually impossible for them to take care of their patients and watch over them as they attain full recovery from any condition. That is where rehabilitation centres come in. Proper rehabilitation centres are well equipped to take care of patients as they attain full recovery from conditions and make sure that they are completely ready to go home and lead normal lives again- they are the bridge between the hospital lives and home lives of the patients. A patient who has gone through a surgery requires constant supervision and care even post the immediate periods following critical surgery.

Best Post Surgery Care

It can be simply defined as the care provided to a patient who has recently undergone a surgery and needs time and assistance to recover completely from the effects of the surgery and function normally again to lead a normal life. Hospitals being as busy as they are often discharge the patients once they are out of immediate danger and do not require critical attention. Such patients find it very difficult to regain completely normal lives without requiring constant attention and help from those around them. Many factors lead to the dependency including having to be resting in bed without being able to move, pain following the surgery and post-traumatic stress reliefs.

More often than not, patients are in no ready to go back to their homes and start a normal life again a few days following major surgeries. Their physical and mental state is compromised and this cannot be overlooked or taken lightly as it can lead to complications in the immediate future. This is where the need for post-surgery care come in. A team of experienced professionals including physiotherapist, skilled nurses, doctors, nutritionists and psychologists works together seamlessly to improve the health of the patient recovering from surgery in a holistic manner. The emotional health of the patient is given paramount importance when it comes to recovery from surgeries which is emphasised by the fact that emotional Health directly impacts the physical recovery of the patients.

Necessity of Rehabilitation After Surgery

Depending on the situation of the patient at their homes; supposing the patient is a working mother, the responsibilities of the patient once they are at home increases irrespective of their state of health. Since such a situation is inevitable once the patient is home and because this can lead to a stoppage in their speedy and effective recovery, post-surgery care in a rehabilitation centre allows them the time they need to regain proper health and once they are home, they are able to get back to life again.


Once the patient has started receiving proper therapy, a significant change in their physical health is evident. They become more active and eager to achieve their recovery in a timely manner. The positive interaction between physiotherapist and the patient helps in the active recovery of the patients wherein they steadily develop muscle strength through regular exercises without straining themselves. These exercises help them to walk without support, deal with the occasional pain without seeking the aid of pain relief medications- thus slowly weaning them off it. At the end of the rehabilitation session, the patient is ideally in a position to carry out their regular daily activities without enduring pain, causing any damage to the stitches or needing additional support from others.


Another important aspect of post-operative care is the effective management of pain in the patients who seek post-surgery rehabilitation. The dosages are monitored by a medical supervisor who also regulates and watches over other aspects of the post-surgery care given to the patients.


Upon staying in a rehabilitation Centre, the patient ensured constant monitoring of their health and management of all the existing health problems that are currently relevant. Emergency medical teams are always present in the centres to attend to any situation that may arise adversely. For complete and speedy recovery of the patients, the assistance provided by the skilled nurses present in the centres play a huge role. Their constant attention, care and support that they provide to the patients whilst attending to their physical and emotional needs catalyse the recovery of the post-surgery patients in an effective manner.


The period following surgery is a traumatic experience that takes a toll on the patients mental health as well thereby demanding the need for psychological support and therapy for the patients seeking post-surgery care. Through numerous therapy sessions that are arranged as either one on one, group, or combinations of these, the patients are reassured of their recovery and the fact that they can attain normal functioning again and be able to live comfortably.


A major role that is played by the rehabilitation centres in effective post-operative care is the provision of support to the families along with education on the proper ways of patient care and management upon the patient arriving at home so they have an idea on what to expect and are prepared accordingly. Along with this, diet and nutrition experts advice and recommend diets that can be followed to attain complete recovery of the patients.

Thus rehabilitation centres are able to provide a holistic beneficial experience for the patients and tremendously catalyse their recovery. This along with the fact that when the patients do go home, they will be fully ready to carry out a normal life highlight why post-surgery care is essential to patients and why everyone stands to gain from this.

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