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SuVitas Spearheads Big Leap for Transition Care Industry in India

India’s first Transition Care chain, SuVitas which currently runs two state-of-the art facilities in Hyderabad and Bengaluru with over 100 private beds, has successfully closed an undisclosed round of funding from a group of investors led by Axon Anaesthesia Associates. The funds received will be utilised to launch several new services and scale up presence in other major cities of India.

This sunrise sector pioneered in India by SuVitas, is on track for exponential growth fuelled by the rising hospital segment ($100bn +), medical tourism market ($7BN), the growing nuclear family norm in urban India along with increasing life expectancy that are accompanied by a rising incidence of Non – Communicable Diseases resulting in debility and disability. Simultaneously, there is also growing awareness about the benefits of intensive clinical rehabilitation post-surgery in preventing mortality, readmissions to hospitals and preventing permanent or long-term disability. Current conservative estimates place the demand for Transition Care beds in India at over $1.5bn / Rs 10,000 Cr and SuVitas is the only organised standalone player in India. By comparison this industry sees a spend of between $40 – 60bn in the USA each year which has a developed healthcare ecosystem.

Dr. Murty, Chief Executive Officer, Axon Anaesthesia Associates said, “We are delighted to partner with SuVitas, as there are great synergies between Axon’s model of providing holistic peri-operative care to patients and SuVitas’ transition care management. Through this investment, we hope to expand our role in the development of a best-in-class healthcare ecosystem in India. We see great potential in the SuVitas model not only from a geographical expansion perspective but also with vertical enhancements such as use of new age technology including Telemonitoring and their exceptional body of work in geriatrics.”

Antra Bhargava, CEO of SuVitas said, “To be on the cusp of changing the Indian healthcare canvas is a great responsibility. We have proven both our care and business models and developed a scalable venture that delivers real outcomes that change people’s lives. Our model of Early, Effective and Empowered Recovery is the gold standard for rehabilitation care in India and we are delighted to have the support of such sterling Investors as we prepare to take this across the country.”

SuVitas is an award-winning startup in the rapidly growing area of Transition Care Management (TCM) – a service that helps save billions of rupees in reduced costs for healthcare delivery by minimising avoidable readmissions. Transition Care bridges a crucial gap in the Indian healthcare continuum as it complements the work of Tertiary care that aims to save lives at one end and on the other precedes home healthcare which provides single speciality services to the home. SuVitas’s unique asset light, technology leveraged model effectively eases the burden on India’s currently stressed healthcare systems, which struggles to deal with 1.8 million strokes a year, over 300,000 cardiac surgeries, an estimated 72 million cases of diabetes and where cancer is steadily increasing.

SuVitas’ multidisciplinary teams at its current state of the art facilities, work collaboratively to deliver personalised care plans to patients requiring long-term care post conditions such as stroke, brain and spinal cord injury, polytrauma, geriatric fractures/ replacements, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and cancer in a home-like environment. Currently, over 1600 patients having successfully undergone their in-patient programmes in Neuro Sciences, Orthopaedics, Cardiac Sciences, Oncology and Geriatrics. The start-up has built its own ERP and mined quality- of-life data outcomes that have been used to present thought leadership papers at Global Fora such as the World Stroke Congress, World Congress of Neuro Rehab.


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