SuVitas Launches Bangalore’s First World-Class Transition Care Facility

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Ramesh Byrapeni, an interventional cardiologist and Founder & Board Member of SuVitas asserts, “While transition care is considered equally important to mainstream medicine in developed economies, India is gradually waking up to its necessity. The rise in hospital-acquired infections and re-admissions in hospitals along with inefficient utilization of the critical care facilities have triggered the need to improve patient outcomes by offering to continue care through inpatient rehabilitation”.

Adding to it, Dr. Vijay, Director – New Initiatives, SuVitas says, “Considering the shortage of ICU beds in the city, insufficient trained rehab professionals and financial challenges to setup more critical care facilities, there is tremendous need for effective utilization of critical care services and ICU setups through transition care”.

Offering the inpatient transition care, SuVitas proffers healthcare facilities by bringing together protocol-oriented personalized care in a home-like relaxing environment through a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team of doctors comprising of physicians, skilled nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, clinical psychologists and dieticians. Pioneering the transitional care in India, SuVitas brings to the city a 60 bed post hospitalization rehabilitation center with specialized programmes for stroke, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, hip-knee replacements and post cardiac procedures. It serves patients who have undergone treatment for serious ailments across neurology, cardiology, orthopaedics and early stage oncology, at 1/3rd cost of a hospital and 1/10th cost of critical care management and is therefore considered to be an affordable value addition to improve one’s Quality Adjusted Life Years.

The category defining venture, SuVitas has evolved as the preferred rehab partner by reputed specialists across the nation with over 900 recovery stories of patients from different states of the country, Middle East, U.S. and Singapore. Additionally, SuVitas is raising an expansion capital of 15 crore for launching two more centers in Mumbai and Chennai within 18 month’s time.

Confirming the expansion plans of the brand, Dr. Harish Kalathil, Director – Operations, SuVitas said “We are glad the medical circles have recognized the integral role played by SuVitas in completing the care continuum over the past few years. In our second stage of expansion, we are looking at rising an additional VC funding to expand our presence to eight cities including Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Kochi and Coimbatore among others”.


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