SuVitas: Helping Patients Relive

Suvitas: Helping Patients Relive

Rehabilitation is a process or treatment given to patients to restore their normal health conditions from disability, injury or disease so that they can live life well. It’s very difficult to get back to the same normal life after a severe injury or sickness and thus rehabilitation focuses on achieving the patients’ physical and mental fitness and regains their ability to work or live. It also provides assistance with learning activities that are needed in daily life through training and guidance.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation services provide health care to patients in terms of hospitals, clinical offices, nursing homes and health maintenance organizations. Depending on the patient’s physical condition appropriate therapists are provided who may make home visits for the patient’s recovery and apply the exact needed therapy. A good and proper rehabilitation program can recover patients from critical conditions like deficits in health, serious injury or accident, which cannot be cured by simple medical care. The rehabilitation services are offered depending on the patient’s needs.

SuVitas, being first in India to provide post hospitalization services helps the patients regain their original normal health condition and also makes their lives happy through intensive care units and a homely environment.

Areas focused by SuVitas

Post-operated Care: It is very important to take care of patients after serious sickness or injuries or surgery. The staff at SuVitas insures that proper therapy and medications are provided to the patients after they are discharged from their health centre.

Patient’s Diet Plan: After recovery from the illness or injury, patient’s dietary conditions alter. Experienced nutritionists of SuVitas prepare a detailed diet chart for patients during their course of observation and also after post-operation conditions.

Psychological Counseling: Along with the proper medication and therapy what is more important is the psychological health of the patient. The Psychologists at SuVitas take proper measures to ensure a healthy emotional, mental and psychological status of the patients.

Special Physiotherapy, Exercises provided: This is the main functional area of SuVitas. It helps patients regain their normal health conditions and makes them fit with their physiotherapy services.

SuVitas is the rehabilitation platform where the patients are recovered with assurance that they will lead a happy and healthy life after their recovery since it provides all the facilities and aspects that are needed for the recovery of patients in a good manner.

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