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Physiotherapist Working with a Patient

When the brain is deficient of blood, cerebrovascular accident occurs which we usually call a stroke. There are three types of strokes- Thrombotic, Embolic and Hemorrhagic. Stroke in every type is hazardous. If it is not treated well then it might lead to death of the patient, on the other hand a proper rehabilitation for stroke patients can minimize post stroke damages. There may be temporary or permanent damages to the brain cells which cause abnormality in body function.

Rehabilitation after stroke is very much required by the patients to live their remaining life independently while staying within some limitations. Various sessions are provided by rehabilitation therapists in the stroke rehabilitation centers, which guide the patients to be physically and emotionally strong after the massive attack that their brain has gone through. Depending on the type of brain damage, rehabilitation specialist decides which type of therapy will be required by that particular patient.

Important therapies provided in most of the stroke rehabilitation centres are as follows:

Patients sometimes cannot communicate properly with other people. They face problem while speaking and understanding the language. They lag in finding proper words while speaking. Therefore, rehabilitation service provider helps them with the speech therapy, by which the patients learn to speak properly as before. The therapy includes programs where the patient is asked to repeat, read and write a specified set of words. Those who go through paralysis or partial paralysis must be provided with physiotherapy after a stroke. The therapy concentrates on solving problems such as weakness of the limb muscles and trouble in balancing so that the patient can walk and move normally.
After the stroke many patients can’t do their work on their own. To eliminate such a depressing change in their life stroke rehabilitation centers provide occupational therapy to the patients. In this therapy the patients learn the basic skills of life like cooking, washing, bathing, driving etc. After the therapy they can take care of themselves and they usually don’t need help from others in their basic activities.
Patients tend to get into an emotional trauma. In such cases, if they don’t get the right professional help then they might suffer from depression. The most important part in the process of stroke rehabilitation is patient’s counseling at psychological level. It is a difficult and long procedure. With the help of motivational speeches and meditations the patient is recovered from anxiety disorders, depression and irrational anger.
Without getting help from any stroke rehabilitation center, it becomes very difficult for the patients to lead a normal and healthy life. A stroke rehab not only changes the life of a stroke survivor, but also helps their family members cope up with the loss.

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