SuVitas plans to be a 1000 bed enterprise which will make it the largest and most credible player in this space in the country in next 2 or 3years. It will set up 15 to 20 such facilities across various cities in the country.

Hyderabad, May 07, 2015: In a first of its kind venture in the healthcare sector, SuVitas Holistic Healthcare launched its transition care facility with 60 beds, in Srinagar Colony in Hyderabad, today. Championing the focused segment of healthcare continuum, bridging hospital and home across specialties such as cardiology, neurology, orthopedics and early-stage oncology, SuVitas aims to make high-quality rehabilitation care available and accessible across India.

Patients treated for serious ailments are often prone to hospital-acquired infections, but are however, not completely recovered to go back home. This is where SuVitas steps in, with a home-like environment clubbed with 24 X 7 medical supervision, effectively bringing down the possibility, as well as cost of re-hospitalization. Led by an expert team of doctors, physiotherapists, skilled nurses, and well-trained caretakers, SuVitas provides methodical recovery through personalized treatment, therapy and fun activities. With protocol-based programs involving the treating doctor and the patient’s family, SuVitas helps individuals achieve enhanced flexibility, strength and independence.

In developed economies such as the USA and UK, the rehabilitation sector has evolved alongside the mainstream medicine, with an average of 8 beds in transition care for every 10 beds in hospitals. However, the case is not so in India, with the primary focus being on disease-care, rather than post-hospitalization recovery.

SuVitas is designed to address this need, and create a better eco-system focused on patient wellbeing, independence and confidence. Sateesh Andra, Founder, Investor and Board Member, SuVitas said “Given the continuously growing demand for healthcare and the tertiary bed capacity growth in India, transition care can easily scale up and go beyond a 10,000 bed requirement. Our plan to rapidly build and scale SuVitas to a 1000 bed enterprise will make us the largest and most credible player in this space in the near future. We plan to achieve this in next two years time. We would like to have 15 to 20 facilities of 60/70 beds each across several towns like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Bhubanesh, Kolkata etc. he said. We will invest 1 million US Dollars in setting up each facility he informed.

In countries like US and Europe for every one lakh critical care beds in tertiary hospitals, they have eighty thousand transition healthcare beds. India has one lakh super speciality hospital beds. Hyderabad has 10,000 beds. But there is not even a single Transition Healthcare facility. So we see a huge opportunity he said.

Transition Healthcare is huge segment in USA and other matured economies. Some of these players have facilities as big as 2000 beds, he said.

A wide range of services including skilled nursing care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychological guidance and medical supervision enable end-to-end rehabilitation. Emphasizing on the need for a holistic approach for recovery, “SuVitas as the first organized Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility and Skilled Nursing Facility player in India will bring in the needed specialization in this neglected field but will also be place for physiotherapists and nurses to excel as professionals in their own right and not just follow the orders of the doctors,” said Dr. Ramesh Babu Byrapaneni, Founder, Investor and Board Member, SuVitas.

25years ago tertiary care facility was not heard of. People used to go abroad for specialized treatment. Now we see so many tertiary care4 hospitals in the city. Suvitas is a pioneering venture. Soon you will find more need for Transition Healthcare facilities, he said.

Bipin Chandra informed that it is a home like care giving center. Besides high quality rehabilitation care, we will have lot of engaging environment in Suvitas. We will have a library, Home Theatre, Large place for Multi Activities, Music, Yoga, Meditation, Counselling and help from dietician service. Suvita has become functional from today. It already has got two patients.

We don’t compete with the tertiary care hospitals. Infact, we are a complimentary to them, he said.

The SuVitas facility hosts a friendly atmosphere where patients and their families can receive compassionate support for overcoming the physical and emotional impact of disease or injury. Technology-enabled family engagement and community sessions are salient features of the SuVitas experience. The medical team at SuVitas stay connected with the treating doctor for providing coordinated medical care, while skilled nursing staff provides best-in-class services to help patients cope with the crisis of severe disease.

About SuVitas: SuVitas is the leading provider of inpatient transition care facilities that enables individuals to ‘Live Again’. SuVitas serves patients who have undergone treatment for serious ailments across neurology, cardiology, orthopedics and early stage oncology, and are not completely recovered to go home. Combining protocol-based care plans with personalized attention in a home-like environment, SuVitas helps individuals achieve enhanced flexibility, strength and independence. SuVitas is a privately held, angel-funded company with its headquarters in Hyderabad.

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