SuVitas, India’s first transition care chain, which currently runs two facilities in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, has announced the launch of its Virtual Rehab Services.

SuVitas is now offering personalised consultations via phone and video to ensure that the needs of a population under lockdown are met. The driving vision is that “Rehab Should Not and Need Not Wait” as delay in availing therapeutic interventions can not only lead to slower and more painful recoveries but also end up causing complications that could have been prevented by timely professional rehabilitation.

From now anyone, anywhere in the world can avail phone and/or video consultations with the expert team in SuVitas which include general practitioners, geriatrician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech/swallow therapist, dietician, naturopath and clinical psychologist through a prior appointment by calling the number 7337556010 or by booking online on

– Some of the medical conditions that can be addressed through these services include:

– Recovering from a stroke, spinal cord injuries, road traffic accidents.

– Guided exercises for children with special needs

– Pain management and ergonomic consultations for working for home, such as back pain, headaches etc

– Psychological counselling for anxiety/ depression and coping techniques with isolation

– Prehab or post-surgical rehab for various orthopaedic conditions such as joint replacements, fractures etc.

– Caring for the elderly at home; right from tube feeding to bladder/bowel care and fitness

– Diet and nutrition counselling

The Virtual Rehab Services by SuVitas can be availed through either one-on-one private consultations or by way of group therapy or webinars. Private consultations can be availed for any of the services individually or a combination thereof based on individual needs and assessment. Group therapy or webinars can be conducted for various common use cases such as ergonomics for employees at home, back pain, et al.


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