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Neurological Physiotherapy

It is the treatment of patients suffering from neurological disorders. These neurological disorders can be due to brain injuries, stroke, sclerosis and sometimes even Parkinson’s disease. The neuro physiotherapists and the clinics specializing in such type of physiotherapy offer therapies to help patients suffering from such functional disorders to return to a normal life as soon as possible.

Process of Treatment

The treatment begins with an assessment of the patient’s disorders and health issues before the commencement of the treatment. Some independent physiotherapists, running their own clinic, offer physiotherapy at the patient’s home. This is more common in the case of aged patients, who cannot take the pressure of travelling to a clinic every day. It generally consists of some simple exercise and other simple treatments under the supervision of trained personnel. Physiotherapies that are offered at clinics to the patients can involve a wide range of special exercises and machine training to strengthen the patient. There are also some sessions that require the patients’ family members to be actively involved in the therapy procedures to assist the patient when they do the routine at home.

Neuro physiotherapy maximizes the movement potential of the person suffering from neurological problems. The therapies depend upon the goals of the respective patients. For example, they include, therapies assisting, sitting and standing postures, walking and stretching. As soon as the main goals are achieved, the therapy involves other combination neuro therapies like massages and other machine based neurological therapies. Sessions are allotted to the patients by the physiotherapists in accordance with their requirements. Like for example, some patients can do with one session a week. In advanced cases of Parkinson’s and sclerosis, the patient needs three to four sessions in a week depending upon the physiotherapist and the routine he follows. Early treatment becomes a necessity in such conditions. Patients through physiotherapy in most cases regain their strength and flexibility.

Helping Them Walk

Neurological physiotherapy is required by the patients suffering from the following disorders: Spinal cord or brain injuries, tumor (cancerous or otherwise) removal, Guillain Barre, myelitis, stroke, Parkinson’s or cerebral palsy. These patients require physiotherapy as the diseases disrupt motor neurotic function. There are other muscular problems that need the assistance of physiotherapists. People suffering from muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis also require physiotherapy although their requirements are slightly different from that of the former. Through a series of routines followed in most neurological physiotherapy clinics, the physiotherapists try their best to motivate their patients so that they are able to overcome their movement problems faster.

Physiotherapy is a very advantageous therapy. It helps patients function. Like some are recovering patients, others are affected by some chronic disease. Both can work better. It helps the patient regain his original strength and capabilities. For most patients with injuries, it shortens the recovery time. Sometimes, a limited amount of movement can result in the stiffening of joints. It is on such occasions that physiotherapy becomes important. Through timely treatment and proper precautions and training, it is possible to help a person move freely again.

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