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Music - The New Medicine for Brain Injury

Music For Brain Injury

Music is the bliss for the soul. It is undoubtedly one of the best creations by man. It can relieve your mind from so many worries and take you to a comfortable zone very effortlessly. Everyone has his or her own preference for music and when you are surrounded with the pleasure of your music, you feel at peace. Such is the beauty and ecstasy of music.

You will be amazed to know the kind of influence music has on the brain. That it could heal people affected by brain injury was strongly resisted for quite some time but now the music therapists have enough medical evidences, which prove how effective music therapy is.

Origin of the therapy

The origin of this therapy dates back to the very ancient times, but at that time it was considered more of a part of social science and not medical science. It was an art for entertainment and its medical benefits weren’t gauged clearly. It is now being extensively used after its benefits have been proved broadly.

Acceptance of the therapy and its benefits

Brain injury was almost incurable before the last decade. A lot of research and convincing results have restored faith in this process. It has been observed that there are areas in the brain, which are sensitive to music. These areas also respond while processing language and help in memory, attention, motor and execution control. They play a major role in auditory perception. Music proficiently activates and helps in accessing these systems. It involves and establishes interactions in the brain through complex patterns. Through these activations in the brain help in reviving people from the shock and also helps in bringing back the nerves which had gone out of action.

There is a region in the brain known as the Broca, which is responsible for tracking musical rhythms as well as sequencing various physical movements of the body. It is an extremely important region as it is required to convert our thoughts into spoken words. This sequencing and conversion of thought to speech is reinstated into the brain though the process of music therapy.

Greater knowledge about the therapy needs to be propagated among people to increase awareness about the process. It is blindsided by many doctors too. But there is enough evidence for one to trust in the therapy. Progressive and adapting doctors are encouraging this process because it affects the right areas of the brain and revives a person from brain injury. The brain being the most important and sensitive part of the body has to be treated with utmost care. This process involves no pain or no uneasiness of any sort. It is perhaps the most pleasant way of treatment.

Suggest and spread awareness about this wonderful and efficient therapy so that people approach the right people about it and get the required treatment. The treatment is very well structured and people can try out this therapy even for bettering their body coordination and reflexes.

Music is not just food for the soul anymore but an enchanting way of treating your body as well.

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