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Hyderabad ‘ India’s ‘first ever’ Transition Health Care Facility Centre was launched by Hyderabad-based SuVitas today. The company said it would raise Rs 150 crores for its expansion into other metros in the country. “We are looking at raising the required capital in two tranches.
In the next six months, we are looking at raising Rs 30-40 crore from various venture capitalists and private equity players,” SuVitas founder and director, Mr. Sateesh Andra, told reporters on the occasion.

The post hospitalisation rehabilitation services provider aims to expand to 15 centres in various metros, including Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai ,New Delhi and also another one in Hyderabad the next two years, he said. “Initially, we launched its transition care facility with 60 beds in Srinagar Colony, where renowned doctors are staying, in Hyderabad and in the next two-three years, it plans to operate 1,000 beds with each centre equipped with over 60 beds,” he said.

The post surgery rehabilitation care in India is still in nascent stages and there is a demand in the segment for Rs 5,000 crores in the next five years, he said adding in the US, as against the 100,000 critical care hospital beds, there were 800,000 transitional care beds. Explaining the need for greater number of post rehabilitation centres in the country, Andra said most of the patients required round-the-clock supervision and other kinds of rejuvenating therapies from physiotherapists, psychologists and wellness experts to accelerate the recovery.

The centre would like to be a homely atmosphere and SuVitas is banking on patient referrals from the multi-specialty hospitals, senior citizens of the non-resident Indians, to start-with, he said. It also expects demand for its services from foreign nationals traveling India for medical treatment.


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