Importance of Recovery from post surgery

We are no stranger to injuries. Irrespective of our lifestyle habits, we have all gotten ourselves injured in multiple occasions. But how many times have we taken care of our injuries appropriately? Unfortunately, the seemingly ‘smaller injuries’ that temporarily heal in time, could make way for several permanent impairments if they are not brought under medical attention.

Listed below are five common injuries and possible risks of not Recovering Right:

  1.  Ankle injuries like sprains, if left untreated can lead to loss of ability to sense the movement of joints, prolonged swelling and chronic stiffness. Early initiation of rehabilitation will help in restoring the full balance potential of joints.
  2. Shoulder injuries that are mostly associated with sports and rigorous exercises, should be brought to the attention of an orthopaedic specialist, if they persist beyond a time or intensity. Otherwise, one can expect progressive damage of the tendons, tear, persistent pain and inability to use shoulder to its complete potential.
  3. Failure to address concussions (a mild traumatic brain injury) can lead to post-concussive syndrome. This could cause the patient to experience one or many of the following symptoms including memory loss, blurry vision, depression, poor sleep, emotional disturbances, epilepsy etc. Therefore, if you have experienced a severe blow in the head, make sure you immediately get a doctor’s attention.
  4. An untreated fracture can cause continuous pain, re-fractures, deformity, arthritis, blood clots, infection, nerve damage or even bone death. Fractured bones need to be re-aligned and strengthened with appropriate exercises for complete recovery.
  5. Injuries in the soft tissue are often disregarded and left to heal on its own. But not all conditions can be treated with self-care and techniques like RICE therapy (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). Acute injuries can be debilitating and will need systematic rehabilitation procedures in place and on time to resume full possible activities.

Most of the common injuries can be self limiting, but the one that needs a specialist consultation might not be glaringly evident for drawing immediate attention. However, it is important to understand the risks of ignoring the critical injuries and the value of a timely rehabilitation plan to reduce the possible complications and ensure restoring full possible functional independence.



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