Why one should come to SuVitas for Cradiac Rehab Services

The numerous biology lessons conducted in our childhood have inculcated into us the significance of the heart as an organ, which tirelessly pumps blood through our body beginning from our first cry till our last breath. However, sometimes we or our family members might suffer from a cardiac disease. SuVitas ensures that the disease doesn’t paralyze your ability to successfully lead your life with 24/7 nursing facilities and experienced panel of physicians.

Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for cardiac rehabilitation services at SuVitas:

Whether you had a heart attack, underwent heart failure or had the procedure of coronary angioplasty or open heart surgery done, an efficient post operative care is needed for the cardiac patients to safeguard the prevention of any further complications to your critical condition. At SuVitas, the competent nursing staff provides the patients with the prescribed medications at regular intervals along with the change in the dressings so that your heart can heal in a sterilised environment.
SuVitas realises that it’s not enough that you are physically fit but takes a holistic approach while ensuring your well-being with the help of the expert nutritionists who make a personalised plan of food intake so that the cardiac patients would only be provided with cholesterol free and low fat varieties with the inclusion of fruits and green vegetables for quick recovery.
At SuVitas you will be equipped for the challenges of the life outside with the provision of a host of therapeutic procedures like physiotherapy and activity therapy by virtue of which you will get the adequate amount of exercise required to increase your tolerance to chronic heart pain whilst increasing your confidence and mobility. It is also ensured that your motor skills are functioning properly so that you can act independently once outside.
The cardiac patients can face myriad problems and each one is different from what another patient experiences. SuVitas provides a thorough analysis of your medical condition to arrive at a personalised healthcare plan for a holistic, multi-disciplinarian approach to your health care by utilising state-of-the-art resources, which would initiate you into a lifestyle change relatively easily.
Your emotional and psychological well being is of utmost importance at SuVitas and you will be provided with counselling and stress management sessions so that you come out with a healthy heart and mind.

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