Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

Acute inpatient rehabilitation is a kind of rehabilitation offered to the individuals who have suffered from some severe disabling illness. This kind of rehabilitation facilities are generally directed to helping the patients return to community life as soon as possible. Mostly hospitals provide the services of rehabilitation to the patients who they think will be in need of such services. Acute rehabilitation often is very helpful for severely injured or ill patients who find it easier to come back to community life after they have received treatment for their condition. This kind of rehabilitation offers a multi dimensional and multi disciplinary approach to the rehabilitation process that is very intense and often directed to have a very positive influence on the life of the patients.

What are the requirements for being admitted to acute care rehabilitation?

Normally it is the hospital which decides whether any patient is in need of rehabilitation or not. As mostly the hospitals provide such services, they conduct tests on you while you are in the hospital itself. If you fulfill the criteria required to be eligible for such facility then they will admit you to inpatient rehabilitation. Normally patients who have suffered from strokes, amputation, arthritis, brain injury, accidents, congenital deformities, major trauma, neurological disorders, orthopedic conditions, spinal cord injuries and so on are admitted for acute care rehabilitation services. The doctor checks you for your willingness to participate in an at least 3 hours of therapy session for 5 days a week. They also check your mental and physical condition before allowing you to participate in the therapy related activities. If the hospital does not offer inpatient rehabilitation facilities then they can easily refer you to rehabilitation center which offers these kinds of services. If the patient is at home and you want to admit him to a center of acute care, then call up the private facility. They will send doctor to your home who will check the patient and accordingly he will suggest him for the rehabilitation process.

How to choose an Acute inpatient rehabilitation center?

Inpatient rehabilitation can mean a lot to a patient who is struggling to fit into his community. If he receives the proper kind of help, then there is a tremendous chance of him being able to fit successfully into the community life. It is thereby important to check the kind of services being offered by such acute rehabilitation hospital before admitting your patient over there. First of all, check out the therapies they are providing. Other than psychological help, most patients do need neurological therapy, speech therapy, movement therapies and so on and so forth. The larger is their scope of multi disciplinary approach, the better chances of your patient being recovered successfully. Next, check out the facility properly. Remember that the patient has to remain there for a few months. It should be comfortable and should feel like a home to them. Thirdly, there should be options for group as well as individual therapies so that your patient receives the best attention and care from the facility.

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