Virtual Rehab – Doctor

E-Consultation with doctor

At SuVitas, our doctors are qualified General Practitioners and Family Physicians that are trained to look holistically at a patient’s health. So whatever your symptoms, an e-consultation with them will ensure that you are directed on how to manage the next steps in a professional, clinically guided and evidence-based manner. Leave Google at the door!

The process:

  1. Call or Book an Appointment Online
  2. E – Consult with our Doctors via Call or Video
  3. If required, revert with Diagnostic Test Reports etc as advised by the Doctor
  4. Follow up E-Consultations as directed.
  5. You may need further assistance with a specialist – if that is required, our doctors will guide you accordingly.

common complaints addressed by our medical team:

  1. Sore throat, Cold and Flu
  2. Headache
  3. Joint Pains
  4. Gastric distress
  5. Diabetes management
  6. Pain Management
  7. Debility or Weakness
  8. Elderly Care
  9. Fever

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