What is Transition care?


Transition Care is defined as ‘the coordination and continuity of health care during a movement from one healthcare setting to either another hospital or to home.’ At SuVitas, we act as a continuum of care partners to the top medical practitioners in Hyderabad & Bangalore, ensuring that post any hospitalisation intervention their patients receive holistic and personalized rehabilitative treatment at our facility. Whether the patient has been in ICU for an extended length of time, from illnesses such as stroke to cancer or traumatic events such as road traffic accidents, patients have to be cared for and guided to ‘Live Again’.


SuVitas’ rehabilitation services offer dedicated inpatient rehabilitation services in India catering to the needs & goals of individual patients. We develop an individualized care plan jointly with the patient and his/her family and our interdisciplinary team of medical rehabilitation professionals.

Complete Support

Our multidisciplinary expert team will incorporate various treatments and technology to achieve all the desired goals. The intensity and duration of rehabilitation care plan will differ based on the evaluation and desired goals. We offer specialized rehabilitation programs of the following major medical specialties.

  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Cardiology
  • Geriatrics
  • Early-stage Oncology
    Early-stage Oncology

Family Involvement

Rehab is never to the patient. It is with the patient and along with the family. Right from caregiver identification to the goal setting treatment plan & implementation, the family is an integral part of our rehabilitation programs.

We extend support & education, not only to the patients but also to their families as well. Our on-campus group activities and support groups will help in enhancing adherence and support for successful completion of rehabilitation programs.

Effective Post-Operative Care

This is a very important component of the rehabilitation plan. Our qualified and skilled nursing staff ensures that the patient is taking the prescribed medications and that dressings (if any) are changed as scheduled. Care will be taken to ensure that the patient gets the appropriate post-operative care as per the primary consultant’s recommendations.

Prevention of Future Complications

The aim is to make the patient physically and mentally stronger and ensure that the prescribed medication & exercise plan and positive lifestyle initiatives are followed. This helps in preventing future complications from surfacing.

Personalized diet plans

After a prolonged illness or injury, a patient’s dietary needs change. Our expert nutritionists will draw out a detailed diet plan based on the patient’ s individual requirement; it will be modified as required over the course of the program.

Lifestyle Changes

Patients will receive education & support about how to make positive and sustainable lifestyle changes that will help them live a healthy life.

Psychosocial Assessment Counseling

Our in-house psychologists will conduct a psychosocial assessment. This is an evaluation of the patient’s physical, mental and emotional health. It comprises detailed patient profile, available family, and social support to achieve desired treatment goals.

Personalized Physiotherapy, Exercise & Activity Plans

This becomes the backbone of the program and our patients will typically go through morning & evening physical therapy sessions on a daily basis. We will chalk out individual plans that include the right amount of physiotherapy, exercises, specialized rehab nursing, psychology & recreational therapy. Specialized consultations, speech therapy, occupational therapy and respiratory therapy will be included, as required.

Opportunity to Interact With other Patients

The environment at our facility is very comforting and friendly and we encourage our patients to mingle with each other at some point of the day. This communication helps them share stories and acts as therapy too.

The patients receive physical, emotional and social therapy as required and these functions are managed by certified, trained and experienced medical professionals. We also have an attending physician on-site 24 hours a day who manages all aspects of every patient’s care.

Our facility is well-connected with acute care hospitals that offer comprehensive care and emergency care in specialties such as cardiology, orthopedics, geriatrics, neurosurgery and more. In short, our rehabilitation services provide a 360° approach to recovery. Choosing the right rehabilitation support services need not be overwhelming. Simply keep all these factors in view and ascertain whether the facility you zero-in on, provides you with all these functions.

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