Physiotherapy at SuVitas


Those who have undergone any kind of surgery tend to have limited function & mobility, severe pain & other complications. For those who are on their path to complete recovery from a surgery, SuVitas brings forward the services of the best physiotherapy center in Hyderabad.

Physiotherapy or exercise prescription is a very crucial phase of medical rehab. Our Qualified & experienced therapists will perform evaluation, design and execute personalized physio plan to achieve goals mutually set by resident & therapist. Physiotherapy & exercises help optimize function, relieve symptoms & helps prevent future injury.

SuVitas physical therapists will expertly design & implement a tailor-made care plan that will help the patient:

  • Have improved mobility and flexibility
  • Regain balance & strength
  • Walk with confidence and prevent falls
  • Build coordination and endurance
  • Built core stability and Manage chronic pain

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Methodological Planning

Effective Pain Relief

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