Overview of SuVitas

SuVitas, India’s first dedicated inpatient transition care facility has enabled over 400 residents help recover from their injuries/illness. Evidence based approach, Expert multidisciplinary team, state of the art facility in a home like environment helped residents overcome their complex physical, emotional and social challenges. Our specialized rehabilitation programs offer best of care and treatment to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Depending on the type, severity and location, stroke can have multiple effects on individuals..Read More

Spinal cord injury

Improving independence and quality of life are the primary goals after an individual suffers..Read More


Brain injury often leaves effects on physical, cognitive, functional, emotional and behavioural effects..Read More

Parkinson s

Comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to individuals with Parkinson’s can help in improving strength..Read More


Rehabilitation before and after joint replacement surgery will ensure achieving early mobility..Read More

Bladder care

Preventing infection, bladder wash, timely change of catheter, orientation & training of catheter care.. Read More

Tracheostomy care

Vitals monitoring, saturations monitoring, timely suctioning, tracheostomy wound care are..Read More

Speech therapy

Speech therapy is the common treatment for any difficulties of speech. Depending on the cause …Read More

Feeding Tube Care

Individuals on feeding tube should be watchful about the quality of the feeds.. Read More

Post Operative Care

Post-Operative Care is the specialized care provided to a patient who has recently undergone a surgery..Read More

Geriatric Care

An active lifestyle is the best remedy to mitigate the impact of age and where there is a gap..Read More

Craniotomy Care

Craniotomy or brain surgery, involves cutting open a part of the skull to treat conditions like brain tumors…Read More

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