Psychologists in Hyderabad



After an injury or serious illness, the emotional recovery is as important as physical recovery. Our qualified psychologist will work with you and your family to improve emotional wellness and overall well-being.We provide psychological assessments & therapeutic interventions for patients who are recuperating from medical and neurological disabilities. In the latter patients our treatment is aimed specifically at identifying & addressing any behavioral & emotional impairments and changes in their thinking (cognitive) abilities. Our psychologists carry out a thorough psychological evaluation and assess the mood & coping skills of individual patients. A psychological treatment plan will then be developed and will include a combination of:

  • Education, counseling & behavioral therapy and Individual & group counseling sessions
  • Relaxation/stress management sessions and Ongoing Consultations

The scope & nature of the specific psychological services vary, based on the patient’s disability/ illness and will also be progressively altered depending on his/her response to the therapy sessions.

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