Occupational Therapy In Bangalore

Occupational Therapy

Aimed at improving upon and reinstating the basic mental and physical functions of the patient so that they can lead a relatively normal life, SuVitas’ occupational therapy center in Bangalore presents to you its remarkable services. Among the most challenging disciplines in rehabilitation is the restoration of the functional capacity of an individual such that they are ready to lead a normal life without depending on anyone.

This is a journey we are ready to undertake with our patients to provide them a wholesome transition and a chance at acquiring a higher quality of life.

Occupational Therapy In Bangalore - Our Services

  • Diagnosing and assessing the level of the functional impairment in the patient and meticulously planning out a comprehensive therapy plan that works best for the patients.
  • Improve upon their core functional skills including managing to feed and bathe themselves, their fine and gross motor skills so they are able to function with minimal assistance- development of these from the basics as and when necessary. The cognitive functions of the patient are also worked upon in case of impairments.
  • As a top quality occupational therapy centre in Bangalore we are result oriented but not at the sake of discomfort to the patient or their families.

We understand that accidents and stressful events such as surgeries leave behind their impact from which it takes some time to regain normality. Such is a period that requires above all – emotional strength of the family and support to the patient. Our family counsellors educate the families on the best ways to look after the patients and provide them with the assistance they need whilst encouraging self development.

Our nurses and staff are extremely professional and empathetic towards the patient. Constantly available throughout the day and night, in case of any assistance required by the patient.
As a fully functional and affordable Center for Occupational therapy in Bangalore, we uphold the values of caregiving balanced with professionalism.

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