COVID Recovery Care

Post COVID Respiratory Rehabilitation Care

Post COVID Respiratory rehabilitation care is a comprehensive yet fully personalized treatment strategy to control and prevent the immediate to long-term impact of hospitalization due to COVID. Around 5-15% of those infected with COVID develop moderate to severe respiratory complications and require hospitalization & ventilator support. Of this, a significant number could suffer from some form of prolonged respiratory, physical, cognitive and functional complications. A comprehensive rehabilitation with an emphasis on respiratory rehabilitation thus needs to be considered on priority by COVID survivors.

Understanding the needs of the time, SuVitas is offering respiratory rehab, virtually as well. Our personalized care plans have been crafted and are delivered by an expert multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team in the Neurology, Orthopaedics, Cardiology, Oncology and Geriatric specializations.

Reasons to consider Respiratory Rehab after COVID 19:

  1. Long-term complications in the lung may progress in significant number of hospitalized COVID patients. Some of these are alterations of lung tissue, vascular thickening, bronchiectasis etc.
  2. Persisting limitations in respiratory function and normal gas exchange.
  3. High incidence of ICU acquired physical and emotional weakness
  4. Cognitive impairment in Acute Respiratory Disorders (ARDS) survivors at hospital discharge and along with mood deterioration including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  5. Survivors will be more prone to movement-related fatigue, similar to ARDS patients, even in those who did not go to the critical state.

Who needs Post- COVID Care?

  1. Hospitalized COVID Patients with a poor health condition, specifically those with an extended long stay in the ICU
  2. Hospitalized COVID Patients who are found needing rehabilitation after going through post-discharge pulmonary consultations. Adequate early assessment of symptoms (fatigue, anxiety, depression and dysphagia), lung function and exercise performance should be conducted.

What is Respiratory Rehabilitation?

Respiratory rehabilitation is a systematized multidisciplinary programme of customized education and therapeutic interventions administered to patients with acute or chronic respiratory impairment. The programme is individualized as per specific needs of the patient to optimize his/her autonomy and overall performance of health. Exercises of the lungs and muscles will enhance the fitness level of a patient and improve the health-related quality of people with disorders like COPD. Inclusion of pulmonary rehabilitation as part of the management of the disease therefore is highly recommended.

Respiratory disorders don’t just interfere with breathing but can make daily activities of life like walking or climbing equally strenuous. Therefore, a mix of components is ideally included in a pulmonary rehabilitation programme.

SuVitas Post COVID Care Comprises the following:

1. Breathing techniques by Respiratory Therapist to improve lung capacity and prevent future complications

2. Medical monitoring, required tests and prescription by doctors.

3. Skilled nursing care as required (tracheotomy care, nasogastric tube feeding, and other care as required) by experienced nurses.

4. Nutrition and diet therapy by dietician to regain strength, build endurance and enhance immunity.

5. Personalized counseling & coping techniques by psychologist to address the emotional wellbeing & daily living.

6. Health and lifestyle education to Improve overall quality of daily life.

7. Home & family preparation for better management of the disease and prevention for future.

How to avail Post COVID Care Virtual Rehab?

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2. Initial Consultation / Assessment  with Our Rehab Experts

3. Avail of Our Guided Sessions via Call or Video as Mutually Agreed

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