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Comprehensive Cancer Rehab Care

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Nutritional and emotional wellness
Post operative care
Control and Prevention of complications

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    Why choose SuVitas for Cancer Rehabilitation?

    Medical Supervision

    Monitor the medical condition and progress after tumour removal surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

    Pain Relief Services

    Pain management techniques and medications to provide relief from pain caused by the tumours and the treatments

    Skilled Nursing Care

    Skilled medical care for post operative patients, nasogastric tube feeding by experienced nurses.

    Nutritional Counselling

    Nutritional therapy by skilled dieticians to regain strength and build endurance to complete the treatment.

    Psychology & Emotional Wellbeing

    Personalized counselling & coping techniques by psychologist to address the emotional wellbeing & daily living.

    Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

    Physiotherapy and occupational therapy to regain mobility and muscle strength and assist to carry out the daily activities of life independently.

    Control and Prevention of Complications

    Prevention of secondary complications like infections and support in controlling risk factors like smoking.

    Why choose SuVitas Cancer Care rehabilitation program?

    Management of mild and severe pain, post operative care which includes drain care, wound dressing, IV therapy, prevention of infections and complications.

    Nutritional counselling, assistance in nasal feeding and physiotherapy to build mobility, strength and endurance.

    Counselling provided to patients and families by expert psychologists to address mental and emotional agonies associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

    Occupational therapy for patients recovering from brain tumour surgery to achieve maximum functional independence and carry out basic daily activities.

    Who should consider this program?

    • Recently diagnosed or treatment initiated for cancer
    • Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy
    • Patients undergoing tumour removal surgery.

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