Bedsore Management

Bedsore Management

Bed sores are ulcers caused due to pressure on the body over time and reduced blood flo w to the areas affected. They usually occur in bony parts of the body. They cause discomfort and pain and if left untreated, can cause infection leading to fever and weakness. Impaired mobility, chronic conditions, advanced age, malnutrition, dehydration are contributing factors.

Removing pressure from the affected areas, cleaning and dressing the wound, controlling pain and preventing infection are part of bedsore management in the early stages. If infection occurs, antibiotics need to be administered. If the sores do not heal, surgery might be required. Effective nursing management of bedsores in essential to prevent infection. Attenders of the patient can help the nursing team in the management of bed sores.

Regular inspection of skin and skin care by washing with soap and warm water can help in preventing bed sores. Turning and Repositioning bedridden individuals every couple of hours is necessary to prevent bed sores. Sitting upright in a wheelchair and changing position every 15 minutes can help. Soft padding can be provided in beds and wheelchairs. Good nutrition is important.

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of bed sores are responsibilities of the hospital. If the patient suffers from bed sores due to medical negligence, suing hospital for bed sores is an option. Hospitals are eager to settle such suits before trial and the settlements can help with covering costs of bedsore treatment.

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