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Holistic Covid-19 recovery & rehabilitation program, now in Bangalore

Bangalore | Hyderabad

Holistic Programs for Post COVID-19 Recovery

Personalised Care Plans
Control and Prevent Complications
Multidisciplinary Expert Team
Respiratory therapy
Expert doctors and nurses

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    What is part of the Suvitas Post-COVID Recovery Program?

    Medical Supervision

    Medical monitoring, required lab tests and medication by doctors

    Respiratory Therapy & Techniques

    Breathing techniques by Respiratory Therapist to improve lung capacity and prevent future complications. Oxygen therapy, or other assisted interventions as required.

    Skilled nursing care

    Skilled nursing care as required (tracheotomy care, nasogastric tube feeding, and other care as required) by experienced nurses.

    Nutrition and diet therapy

    Nutrition and diet therapy by dietician to regain strength, build endurance and enhance immunity.

    Psychology & Emotional Wellbeing

    Personalized counselling & coping techniques by psychologist to address the emotional wellbeing & daily living.

    Physiotherapy & Life Style Education

    Health and lifestyle education to Improve overall quality of daily life.

    Home & family preparation

    Home & family preparation for better management of the disease and prevention for future.

    Why Consider the Suvitas COVID Recovery & Rehabilitation Care Program?

    Long-term complications in the lung may progress in significant number of COVID patients. Some of these are alterations of lung tissue, vascular thickening, bronchiectasis etc. Persisting limitations in respiratory function and normal gas exchange.

    High incidence of ICU acquired physical and emotional weakness

    Cognitive impairment in Acute Respiratory Disorders (ARDS) survivors at hospital discharge and along with mood deterioration including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Survivors will be more prone to movement-related fatigue, similar to ARDS patients, even in those who did not go to the critical state.

    Who should consider this program?

    • COVID patients who are discharged from hospital after acute care management
    • COVID patients who have symptoms (fatigue, anxiety, depression and dysphagia)
    • COVID patients who have co-morbid health conditions like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart or lung diseases

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