Oncology rehabilitation


Oncology Rehabilitation is a specialized program for individuals that have undergone any medical treatment or major surgeries as a result of gastrointestinal, abdominal and other cancers. It is beneficial in increasing strength, emotional well-being and overall quality of life.

Things we Focus On

We design and implement a specialized and personalized rehabilitation plan for every patient. Our expert multidisciplinary team establishes a plan that helps the patient regain strength, and return him/her to optimal functional independence. We assess the patient’s medical condition and set specific goals that are mutually agreed-upon. Once the tailor-made treatment plan is in place, we constantly monitor the patient’s progress, evaluate & readjust the program as required.

Therapies and Treatments we Use

We use a combination of treatments to ensure that the patient moves back to normalcy and as much independency as soon as possible:

We also conduct Individual & group therapy to address physical, emotional & social behavior and wellbeing. Our ongoing patient education & counseling sessions help in making the patient & their family emotionally stronger. We focus on working closely with the referring surgeons & physicians and making sure of continuity of care in a medically supervised environment.

How the Patient Benefits

SuVitas adopts a very individualized and focused approach to each patient’s needs. Our oncology rehabilitation program helps patient recover in the best possible way and gain maximum possible functional capacity. Onco rehab program aims in improving physical strength independence in day to day activities, quality of life and overall wellbeing. Family is integral part of onco rehab programs.

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