The biggest challenge faced by someone who has survived a major accident or health related adversity such as a paralysing stroke is the transition to normal life. As a renowned rehabilitation centre in Bangalore, SuVitas is a first choice for many due to the following reasons.

  • Effective pain relief through safe and approved methods.
  • Meticulous support and care provided throughout the rehabilitation process.
  • Improving on the overall quality of life for the patient through rigorous physiotherapy.
  • Well equipped and highly facilitated stroke rehabilitation centre in Bangalore.
  • Improving the overall standards of sports related rehab centres in Bangalore.

The various services of rehabilitation in Bangalore provided by SuVitas are-

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    SuVitas Skilled Nursing Care

    Proficient Care by Skilled Nurses and Staff

    The experienced nurses and supporting staff are on call 24*7 and highly attentive to any needs the patient must have.Trained in caregiving, the professional
    nurses are well trained to provide extreme comfort to the patients who have just been discharged from their hospitals.


    Result Oriented Physiotherapy

    At SuVitas, the problem and the extent of the problem are assessed in an efficient manner following with rigorous and safe training is provided to the patient who suffered from accidents, injuries or adverse neurological events such as a stroke. We ensure that the patients leave the centre feeling stronger and in a much better state of mind than before under our training with encouraging results.

    SuVitas Medical Supervision

    Unique Services of Occupational Therapy

    Special disciplines of rehabilitation focusing entirely on the physical requirements of a person seeking rehabilitation in various aspects of life including their motor skills, cognitive functions, etc. Our professionals pay special attention to improve the quality of the day to day activities of the patient.

    SuVitas Speech Therapy

    Targeted Speech Therapy

    Highly experienced and qualified speech therapists with additional knowledge of auditory rehabilitation. The professional speech and audio therapists are present throughout the day to assist you through your successful speech therapy along with facilities for improving problems with swallowing, hearing or understanding disabilities.

    SuVitas Medical Supervision

    Proper Medical Supervision

    Every practice of rehabilitation and physiotherapy provided is under strict medical supervision. A qualified medical graduate is available on call and ready to deal with any emergencies or medical attention that shall be required by the patients.

    SuVitas psychology therapy

    Psychological Support and Care

    The mental health of the patients under our care is equally important to us as the physical. Psychological assessment of every patient is done in order to assure that adequate care and support can be provided to them so that by the time they are ready to go home they have a better understanding and acceptance of their situation and do not feel oppressed or succumb to stigma and enter depressive stages.

    Diet and Nutrition

    Following a healthy and balanced diet goes a long way in the speedy recovery and effectiveness of physical therapy to regain muscular function and bone strength.

    Respiratory Therapy

    There are numerous conditions and treatments including emergency interventions that leave a person disabled in a manner that they are incapable of taking a breath of air without assistance.



    We have set up a one-of-a-kind facility that provides comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation with the state of the art facility in a home like environment.


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